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Cast Of Uncle Buck



Cast Of Uncle Buck: A list of all actors and characters in the movie 1989 comedy film ‘Uncle Buck’. John Hughes directed the film and produced it with some of the most popular child actors, including Macaulay Culkin. Continue reading Uncle Buck, a comedy-drama from 1989. The Russel family is the focus of the film. The story begins with Bob having a heart attack. His brother Buck is sent home to watch his children. John Hughes directed the film and wrote the script. Uncle Buck characters are written in a way that will make you laugh. The cast of Uncle Buck includes some outstanding actors who have grown up. You can read the cast of Uncle Buck here.

John Candy plays Buck Russell

Cast Of Uncle Buck

John is the iconic 90s role of Buck Russell, also known as Uncle Buck. Candy died in 1994 at age 43. He was a part of many blockbuster comedies. Canadian Bacon was his final film before his death.

Jean Louisa Kelly is Tia Russell

Jean Louisa played Tia Russell’s role in the film. You know that Tia Russell is a moody teenager who doesn’t care about much. Uncle Buck was her first film. Her role as Kim on Yes Dear, a CBS sitcom, is her most well-known.


Gaby Hoffmann is Maizy Russell

Gaby Hoffmann plays Maizy Russell in this film. A sweet, but naughty little girl. Manhattan Romance and Field of Dreams are two other notable films by the actor. Field of Dreams was her first screen appearance.

Miles Russell as Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin played Home Alone’s Miles Russell. Miles was a popular character, and Macaulay became one the most loved child actors. Macaulay’s latest film is Party Monster.

Cindy Russell with Elaine Bromka

Elaine Bromka, a veteran actor from New York, is Elaine Bromka. Elaine was Cindy Russell, the mother of the Russell family. She was skeptical about the film’s use of Uncle Buck. Elaine has appeared in many TV and film shows, including Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Days of Our Lives.

Garrett M. Brown is Bob Russell

Garrett M Brown plays the part of Bob Russell in this 90s comedy. He plays the role of the father who suffers a heart attack and must leave his children alone. He was a part in many productions such as Kick-Ass and I am Number Four.


Uncle Buck

Uncle Buck, a comedy film from 1989 in America starring John Candy, Amy Madigan and Gaby Hoffmann. It was directed by John Hughes. The parents are away, so a bachelor and all-around slob babysits his teenage daughter and her younger siblings while he is abroad. Universal Pictures released Uncle Buck on August 16, 1989 in theaters. It grossed $79.2million against a budget of $15 million.

Cast of Uncle Buck, Where are They Now?

John Candy plays the title character in this film. Buck Russell (John Candy), also known as Uncle Buck, in this classic 90s film. Candy, who was 43 years old, died in 1994. His career was filled with many big-budget films. His final film, Canadian Bacon was released before his death.

Jean Louisa Kelly as Tia Russell

Jean Louisa played Tia Russell in the film. In typical adolescent fashion, a melancholy teenager who seems to not care much about anything. Uncle Buck was her first film. Her best-known performance is on CBS’ sitcom Yes Dear as Kim.

Gaby Hoffmann as Maizy Russell

Gaby Hoffmann plays Maizy Russell in the film. A charming but mischievous child. Manhattan Romance and Field of Dreams were two other notable films for the actor. Field of Dreams was her first film role.


Macaulay Culkin (Miles Russell)

Macaulay Culkin played Miles Russell in Home Alone. Miles Russell became a well-known role and Macaulay was adored by the public. Macaulay’s latest flick is Party Monster.

Cast and Characters of Uncle Buck

Cast Name Character Name
John Candy Buck Russell
Amy Madigan Chanice Kobolowski
Garrett M. Brown Bob Russell
Elaine Bromka Cindy Russell
Jean Louisa Kelly Tia Russell
Macaulay Culkin Miles Russell
Gaby Hoffmann Maizy Russell
Jay Underwood Bug
Brian Tarantina E. Roger Coswell
Laurie Metcalf Marcie Dahlgren-Frost
Suzanne Shepherd Asst. Principal Anita Hoargarth
Mike Starr Pooter, the Clown

Cindy Russell as Elaine Bromka

Elaine Bromka, a New York actor, is well-known. Elaine played Cindy Russell in the film, as the mother of the Russell families. She was reluctant to call her son Uncle Buck. Elaine has also appeared in television shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Days of Our Lives.

Uncle Buck Synopsis

John Candy plays Uncle Buck Russell, a horribly awkward, messy, and disorganized babysitter. Miles (Macaulay) Culkin, Maizy (Gaby Hoffman) and their adolescent sibling, Tia (Jean Kelly), remain with Buck while their parents go on vacation.

Surprisingly, Uncle Buck entertains the younger kids, who eventually fall in love with him and gain Tia’s trust when he rescues them from their worthless lover. Buck, however, almost loses Chanice, his long-term partner. (Amy Madigan). John Candy, who plays the main part, is a great comedian, offering a memorable and heartfelt performance.


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