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Cats Spiritual Meaning: Dreaming of a Cat & Its Symbolism


Cats Spiritual Meaning: Cats are a popular pet around the world. They have also been believed to possess mystic symbolism throughout the centuries and around the world.

You might have had an unusual encounter with a cat. You’re in the right place!

We will explore how feline friends have been used as symbols in different cultures. We’ll also learn more about the spiritual meanings of cats and possible interpretations of their sightings. Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Cat Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings of Cats

cats spiritual meaning

Cats Spiritual Meaning: Cats are a symbol of curiosity, companionship and independence. They also symbolize mystery and magic, good fortune and intuition, spiritual growth and spiritual enlightenment, and are considered a sign of good fortune.

There are both good and bad associations with cats. They have been associated with witchcraft and darkness, but they have also been revered for their godlike status.

Cats are best known for their playful nature and curiosity. Cat owners are used to cats stealing things from the counter, eating food they shouldn’t and getting stuck in tight spaces.

Cats are symbols of elegance and independence, so they can sometimes be unfriendly to other people. Although some people believe cats are rude, it’s not hard to see that their grace, stealth and balance are unique.

Omens and Cat Encounters

Some cultures believe cats are bad luck and bad fortune. Others believe they bring good luck and protection. Many believe cats are magic-related and possess healing powers.

If you meet a cat in a bad situation, it is important to pay attention to its deeper meaning. There are spiritual messages associated.

Although they may seem mysterious, seeing a cat in a household or wild can be a sign of a lot.

A cat encounter can signify that you need to stop resisting change in order for it to work. A cat encounter could also signify that someone is hiding something or that you should take more risks and forget about fear.

What do Different Color Cats Signify?

Cats Spiritual Meaning: Many people associate black cats with “bad luck” but they are not aware of the many colors cats can come in.

What a black cat represents is not the same thing as what a white one symbolizes. You will be able to understand what the cat’s color means.

1.Black Cat Symbolism

Despite all the myths surrounding black cats, it actually represents healing. A black cat crossing your path is a good sign. It also signifies success, prosperity, fertility, spiritual growth, and success.

2.Orange Cat Symbolism

Ginger cats are also known as orange cats. They symbolize adventure and masculine energy as well as financial success. Orange cats are also symbolic of change, leadership skills and the beginning a new chapter.

3.Gray Cat Symbolism

Gray is a color associated with intellect and the spiritual and psychic realms. Gray cats represent harmony, receiving spiritual messages, as well as uncertainty.

4.Brown Cat Symbolism

Brown is a color that symbolizes wisdom, stability, protection, appreciation for life and protection. Brown cats (also known as tabby cats) symbolize future good news, home life and femininity.

5.White Cat Symbolism

White cats are symbolic of innocence and purity and can be linked to the divine realm. A white cat is associated with spiritual energy, spiritual awareness and personal freedom. It can also be a sign of psychic abilities.

Dreams of the Cat

A dream about cats could mean many things. The dream’s meaning depends on the color and activity of the cat in the dream.

Although there are many meanings to cat dreams, they generally signify that you need more courage and willingness to take risks.

1.Imagine a cat attacking your house.

Dreams of a cat attacking your dreams are a sign that you have real problems with disagreements with others. Anxiety may be caused by not being able to get along with someone. You need to find a solution to your anxiety.

2.Imagine a cat scratching your face.

The dream of a cat scratching your face symbolizes unresolved issues in your relationships and how you will eventually resolve them. This dream also represents people in your life who are behind you.

3.Imagine yourself as a kitten!

As kittens remind us of innocence, our inner child can be evoked by dreaming about kittens. Dreaming of kittens is a sign that you are ready to make a decision about your life, take a look at the future, and explore new possibilities.

4.Imagine cats fighting

Your personal success and triumphs in the real world are symbolized by a dream about fighting cats. You have overcome all the obstacles you faced!

5.Imagine a cat that is injured.

A dream of an injured cat means that you are experiencing inner turmoil and need to find resolution. It doesn’t matter if you feel stuck in a relationship, career, or anything else, it is a sign that you need to find stability.

6.Imagine a cat dying.

Although this dream can be very troubling, it is still important. The dying cat in your dream could symbolize your struggle to overcome life’s challenges, loss of independence, lack of confidence, or feeling trapped.

7.Imagine cat eyes in your dreams

The beauty of cat eyes is both in the dream and waking worlds. They are a symbol of confidence. Dreams about cat eyes are also connected to intuition and vision. They remind you that you can overcome any obstacle in your life by listening to your inner voice.

8.Imagine multiple cats in your dreams

Bad omens are those that involve more than one cat. This dream may indicate that you could face danger or harm in the future. However, it’s not known what it might be. Keep your eyes open for any unexpected events.

9.Imagine killing a cat.

Killing a cat is another unpleasant dream. It means that you have overcome the evil intent of others in the waking world. Instead of letting them get you down, you have brushed them off now and you are on your way to success.

10.Imagine a cat meowing.

If a cat moose in your dreams, it is a sign that your family or friends aren’t telling the truth. This is something you should take into account in your waking life.

Totem Animal or Cat Spirit

Spirit animals are spirit guides that help you stay on the right track and teach you valuable life lessons. Totem animals can also be used as a guide but they are not meant to be invoked unless you have a specific need.

Although you cannot choose your spirit animal, a cat can be yours if you feel connected to them in some way.

People who have a cat as their spirit animal are able to be flexible and balanced. Individuals who have a cat as their spirit animal are independent and feel a strong sense personal freedom.

This spirit animal can teach you how to be more confident and to take risks.

When you need to add magic, luck, or support to your life, a cat totem can be called upon. A cat totem is a way of thinking before you act, encouraging independence, curiosity and intelligence in all aspects of your life.

A cat totem can make you known for your ability to be adventurous, resilient, have unique perspectives, self-sufficiency and a sense of mystery. These individuals are often a bit unpredictable and risky and don’t like being held down.

Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Different culture

1.Christianity & the Bible

Despite being mentioned in the Bible as domestic cats, they are depicted as wild animals. Because cats were not native to Europe before Christianity spread in the Middle Ages, this is why they are depicted as wild animals. The Bible does mention large cats such as leopards, panthers, and lions. Lions are similar to wisdom and royalty.

Cats were believed to be demons because of their association to paganism. They were often killed, but this caused an increase in rats, making the Bubonic Plague more severe.

As mentioned in Christianity, cats were associated to the Devil, evil, and were also linked with witches. This was mainly due to their predatory behavior and hunting prowess and “healthy disregard of authority.”

The Last Supper painting also featured cats, possibly as a symbol of deceit in relation to Jesus’s betrayal. In certain religious passages, they are mentioned in passing.

Baruch 6:21: Bats, birds, swallows and cats are found upon their heads and bodies. This is a passage from the Letter of Jeremiah, an Old Testament text that deals with false god worship. These gods would not allow cats or other animals to come near them if they were human.

Psalm 7:7: “Their eyes are ablaze with fatness; they have more than their hearts could desire.” In other versions of the passage, “fat cats” are mentioned. They represent people who manipulate God’s will for their greed and wealth.

2.Islam’s Spiritual Meaning of Cats

Contrary to Christianity’s symbolism, Islam considers cats holy animals. They are revered for their cleanliness and are therefore allowed to enter homes or mosques. A cat’s drink or food is allowed to be consumed from a bowl.

Muhammad was said to also have loved cats and was known as Abu Hurairah (Father Of The Kittens) and had a cat companion named Muezza.

According to the legend, Muhammad found Muezza asleep on his prayer robe one day as he was getting ready for prayer. Muhammad instead of awakening the cat, he cut his sleeves and brought Muezza a bow after returning from prayer. Muhammad stroked the cat three more times.

Another belief that is part of Muslim culture is the belief that cats with an M-shaped on their foreheads were blessed by Muhammad who also forbids the killing of cats.

3.Spiritual Meaning of Cats in Hinduism

Hinduism and Indian homes use cats to hunt rodents. However, they also have a divine connection to Shashthi, the goddess of fertility. Shashthi is both the protector of children as well as the goddess of reproduction. She is often depicted riding a cat.

She is, in essence, the goddess fertility. Therefore, it is said that she resembles Bastet, an Egyptian goddess of childbirth.

Shashthi’s youngest daughter-in-law was a glutton and stole food. She blamed the cat for the theft, which was then beaten by her family. Shashthi was able to help the black cat, and she agreed to pay for her revenge.

The black cat took the baby from the mother-in-law, and then delivered it to Shashthi. This was repeated for six more sons she gave. The woman gave birth to a girl and the black cat stole her child.

She followed the trail to the abode Shashthi and found her children playing around the goddess. Shashthi’s call, Shashthi’s mother asked for her pardon and said she would worship the goddess. She returned home with her children and began to worship Shashthi, blessing the home.

Mythology and Folklore: Cat Symbolism

1 Native American Cat Symbolism

Native Americans tend to view cats as independent, mysterious and esoteric. However, some tribes fear cats and associate them with witchcraft. The Oglala believed that cats could curse their members, while the Mohave and Zuni tribes believed they had healing powers.

Hopi tribes called men who disrespect women “wildcats”, while other tribes shared stories about cats being greedy. Pawnee tribe associated cats and the color red with cats. They dressed their children in their fur to show respect for their dead ancestors as well as celestial blessings.

Pogumk is sometimes called “black cat” in traditional stories. Pogumk was the Chief of the Fishers, creatures that resemble weasels. He defended his tribe and family from Pitcher Woman who wanted to kill Pogumk in order to be chief.

2. Far Eastern Cat Symbolism

Cats are symbols of luck and blessings in Asian cultures like Japan and China, as well other Asian countries. A figurine of the Beckoning Cat with its paw raised is commonly displayed in homes and restaurants to bring good luck.

3. The Legend of the Beckoning Cat

Maneki-Neko, a Chinese name for the beckoning cat, begins with an Emperor.

The emperor was passing by a temple when it began to rain. He sought shelter under a tree. The emperor saw a cat outside the temple with its paw raised. Intriguing, the Emperor walked towards the temple. As he was about to walk away, lightning struck the tree and saved the Emperor’s life.

There are many myths about cats in China, mainly related to Li Shou, the goddess of cats.

4.The Legend of Chinese Cat Goddess Li Shou

The gods created the world and gave the cat the ability to speak. Li Shou, also known as the Cat Goddess, was chosen by them to represent them.

The gods then asked Li Shou what the cats were doing to keep the new world running smoothly. The gods also visited the cat-sleeping area and asked Li Shou about her dedication. She replied that while it was a huge responsibility to manage the world, it is better to have fun and be comfortable.

Li Shou, however, said that the cats wanted to be free from the burden of running the world and instead wanted to spend more time having fun. They agreed to create another creature but they took their ability to speak. Instead, the gods gave this ability to humans, and the cats stayed in the sun.

5.Celtic Cat Symbolism

Celtic culture considered cats to be guardians of the Otherworld or realm of deities. Cats represented mystery, change and unpredictability as well as sixth sense. The goddesses Ceridwen, Brigid were also associated with cats.

6.Legend of the Cat-Sith

Celtic legends tell of the cat-sith. This was a fairy creature that looked like a black cat with a white spot on its chest. This creature is believed to haunt the Highlands. It was also thought that it was a witch who could transform into a cat nine times. The witch could not shapeshift into a cat more times than nine times. They would remain a cat forever.

The cat-sith is also believed to have the ability to seize a person’s soul, before the gods can claim it. To keep the creature from coming back, the Celts performed the Feill Fhadalach night and day.

The Celts believed that Samhain (or Halloween) was when the cat-sith would bless homes that had left milk out and curse those who did not.

7.Nordic Cat Symbolism

According to Nordic mythology, Freyja (the goddess of love and beauty, war, fertility, and gold) rode a horse drawn by two cats. Cats were believed to possess magical powers and were venerated as symbols of feminine power and femininity.

8.Ancient Egyptian Cat Symbolism

Many people are familiar with the Egyptians’ high regard for cats. They believed they were magical and could bless their homes with good fortune. Cats also protected homes from dangerous creatures.

Egyptians believed cats were their family members and mummified them when they died to share in the afterlife. Even though skeletal remains of cats were found in tombs belonging to nobles, they are still available for burial. The murals depicting cats hunting were also found in the tombs of Theban.

Bastet, an Egyptian goddess depicted as a feline, was most notable. Bastet was the goddess for home, childbirth, fertility and protection from evil spirits. Sekhmet and Mafdet were also depicted as cats, along with Mut and Isis (the “soul of Bastet”).

Although ancient Egyptian laws stated that killing a cat could result in death, earlier cats were kept alive and mummified to be offered to the gods as sacrifices.

Cat Tattoo Meaning

People get tattoos for many reasons, including to express their creativity, honor someone they love, or remind them of something that happened, but a cat tattoo is a different story.

A cat tattoo could be because you love cats or that you want to keep your cat in your heart forever. This tattoo may be chosen by others because it represents magic, good fortune, protection, elegance and mystery as well as femininity or spiritual enlightenment.

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