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CGO Patch Notes: 6.06 Upgrade Basically Kills Gekko’s Wingman



While the Valorant patch notes for this round are quite brief, the most significant adjustment is to the FPS game’s new mascot, Wingman, the charming slime bird that has been wreaking havoc since Gekko’s introduction.

While there aren’t many changes in patch 6.06, the two main ones affect Wingman, Gekko’s spike-planting friend, and little brother Mosh.

To be more in line with Breach’s famed Aftershock and the robotic initiator KAY/O, Mosh’s damage to objects has been reduced from 2.5 to 1.


csgo patch notes

Sadly, the wingman will now perish if he is the last survivor on the team. Even though he’s disabling the spike I just worked so hard to bring onto the site, I can’t help but feel awful for him, even though it spares you the guilt of shooting the tiny guy. Also, which is a huge plus, he won’t be able to concuss players who are outside of his range.

CGO Patch Notes for the mighty patch 6.06

The complete Valorant patch notes for the 6.06 release are provided below courtesy of Riot Games.


Agent Development


Mohs Pit (C)

  • Reduced object damage by 2.5 times > 1 time

Wingman (Q)

  • Now, if a wingman is the last one alive, he will always perish.

Map revisions


The destructible door between A Link and A Main has had its destruction visual effects updated to make it more transparent as it crumbles.

Playthrough Systems

  • the option to conceal Agent outlines and fresnels was added (the colour outline on Agents)
  • Activate Settings >> General >> “Hide Outlines and Fresnel” is a toggleable option under “Other.”

Fixing bugs


Intangible players can no longer be knocked out by a wingman.


  • an issue that prevented you from sending a whisper that began with a Circumflex Accent has been fixed. You can now use the letter “w” to whisper charming emoticon faces to one another.
  • an issue that caused ping icons to appear even when a user was muted has been fixed. Ping icons will now be correctly muted when someone is muted.
  • Resolved an issue where your Agent’s blindness would hide the voice chat user interface. Even when your Agent cannot see, you can now.
  • Resolved a situation where the party invite would expire but the join party button would remain active.
  • Resolved a situation where the amount of persons a buddy is in a party with would not display correctly when you searched your friend list.

Resolved an issue where the Agent carousel would occasionally scroll when the social panel was scrolled.

The friend list was hidden due to a fault when auto-reject friend requests were turned on.

Even while none of these adjustments will significantly alter the Valorant tier list, it’s still wise to load up one of the top Valorant crosshairs to guard against the effects of even the smallest adjustments on your gameplay.



Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs: A Step-by-Step Guide



Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs: Although the dwarves in Dwarf Fortress are able to drink alcohol without having access to cups, it is not recommended. In fact, the lack of drinking utensils can make dwarves sad, which may have serious consequences down the road. Fortunately, making mugs in Dwarf Fortress is not extremely challenging, and this article is here to assist gamers through the procedure.

It should be noted that in Dwarf Fortress, cups, goblets, and mugs all have the same use. The only distinctions are the materials they are made of and the workshops where they are made. Fans of colony sim video games should merely focus on the vessel-type that they are able to construct. Detailed specifics on this may be found in what follows.

Dwarf Fortress: Making Cups

Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs

The most common drinking vessels to build are rock mugs and wooden cups because these materials are so easy to get. Fans should simply click on the workshop, choose “add new task,” and then click on “rock” or “wood” to open the corresponding menu where the vessels are displayed. Both of these things are made in a Craftdwarf’s Workshop. In Dwarf Fortress, players who have designated a manager can also use the work order menu to create a new work order and look for either “rock mug” or “wooden cup.”


The method is more difficult than what has just been detailed, but Dwarf Fortress players can also make metal or glass goblets for their dwarves. You will need a Furnace to make charcoal, a Smelter to process metal ores into bars, and a Metalsmith’s Forge to forge those bars into the drinking vessels needed for metal goblets. Players must gather sand for glass goblets using the Glass Furnace, then use that workshop and fuel to convert the sand into the cups.

Whatever drinking utensils a player develops, they must remember to include them in their Dwarf Fortress taverns when they are complete. Place a coffer inside the tavern to accomplish this; the dwarves will instantly fill it with cups. Notably, by entering the zone menu, selecting the tavern zone, clicking the icon with the magnifying glass that appears beneath the name of the tavern, and then clicking “+” or “-” next to Goblets, players can change the amount of goblets that are kept in a tavern’s chest (Desired).

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Dwarf Fortress Language: The Lyrics Of The Soundtrack Are Dwarvish And Slap



According to the game’s designers, Tarn Adams’ initial soundtrack consisted only of him “noodling around on the guitar.” Everyone who has played the Dwarven city builder will immediately recognize the song, but the Steam edition will also have a magnificent soundtrack that Kitfox Games and the Adams brothers have premiered in a new video.

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Simon Swerwer, who has been creating Dwarf Fortress music for more than ten years, and Omar “Dabu” Dabbous, whose work has appeared in independent games including Boyfriend Dungeon, GNOG, and Winding Worlds, composed and recorded the new Dwarf Fortress Language. Swerwer also contributed to the SoundSense tool in Dwarf Fortress’s first iteration.


The announcement is available here:

As the brothers explain, several of the songs have Dwarvish-language lyrics. They are all appropriately eerie and old sounding, making them ideal for a game about building a civilization and exploring ever-deeper reaches of the ground.

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Listen to “Food and Industry” in the video above. It’s an actual banger.

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Halo Season 2 Details Full Details In 2023



The Halo season 2 lead promises more information “very soon” and adds that he is “extremely thrilled about the next year and beyond” while acknowledging that being honest with the fans is “difficult.”

halo season 2

The second season of Halo Infinite will be called Lone Wolves and will feature new skins, maps, modes, and even story-based narrative material including cinematics. The season’s release date was previously set for the first week of May.

Nevertheless, 343 Industries hasn’t provided players with any kind of preview of what to anticipate from the multiplayer game’s second season save than a few pieces of concept art.

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Head of creative Joseph Staten reveals that “fans are going to be exposed to some of the amazing stuff we have going on for Season 2” in a new interview with the Washington Post (via streamer Mint Blitz), but he acknowledges that things haven’t exactly gone smoothly so far.

It can be difficult to maintain open communication with fans since we don’t want to subject them to the uncertainty and turmoil that characterizes the game development process, according to Staten. When the team does communicate with the supporters, he claims that they should be able to “rely on what we say.”


The live-service process has “taken a little bit longer,” according to Staten, but he is now “very enthused about the next year and beyond.”

I’m glad this video is available to everyone. To be more precise, I stated that the term “engine” served as my metaphor for the entire #HaloInfiniteMP live service. The motor is roaring, and we can’t wait to reveal Season 2 information.

By Joseph Staten on March 27, 2022 (@joestaten).


Although Forge mode won’t be available until Season 3, 343 also plans to include campaign co-op during Season 2.

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