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Power Chainsaw Man is still of the best character



A thrilling Chainsaw Man comeback sees a fan favourite character take centre stage in a way only they can, and it’s fantastic.

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter #91, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, Amanda Haley, and Sabrina Heep and published by Viz Media in English.

Power Chainsaw Man

The return of Chainsaw Man’s much-loved Power is as thrilling and heartwarming as it is terrible. Power makes a victorious return in a way that only she can, although in a different form, after her death at the hands of Makima. Despite appearing to be reverting to her terrifying fear of Makima, Power shines as she risks her life to save Denji.


As Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil’s dog form, taps Denji awake with a crucial request, a piece of Power sleeps within Denji’s consciousness. Power recognises Pochita, but is perplexed as to how they’re conversing if she’s dead.

Pochita explains that her present form is a small portion of her blood that she had Denji swallow previously. He informs Power that, despite her Blood Devil abilities, she will vanish shortly. As a result, Pochita proposes that she consume him in order to resurrect as a Devil.

In Chainsaw Man, power takes on a new form.

With Denji’s life in jeopardy, Power accepts Pochita’s offer without hesitation, desperate to save her friend. Power appears from a splatter of blood from Chainsaw Man’s mouth as Makima prepares for her presumed win over the Chainsaw Devil. Power transforms into her new form, which is tall, four-armed, and has a dog-like face. She uses her Blood Devil abilities to generate a variety of bladed weapons that sprout from Makima and her entire crew.

While proclaiming herself “the strongest,” Power unleashes a torrent of blood-blades, dubbed “Thousand Tera Blood Rain,” that rains swords down on Makima. As she continues her onslaught, she screams that Makima is trash with apparent malice in her words and in the most powerful of ways. Unfortunately, the Zombie Devil is one of Makima’s many Devils, which she utilises to resurrect her fallen team and assault Power.


Power Surrenders to Her Fear – But Only Temporarily

The Control Devil points at Power’s arm and blows it clean off, swinging the battle in Makima’s favour. While Power is plainly in pain, Makima demands to know how she managed to survive after being shot.

Instead of responding, Power declares, “This is mine,” as she grabs and flees with Chainsaw Man, only to be shot by Makima with the exploding ability once more.

Makima has always terrified Power, owing to her abilities as the Control Devil. Makima’s unnervingly calm orders sliced through Power like butter even today.

Makima offers Power the chance to be her pet again if she returns Chainsaw Man, instantly changing Power’s worry into joy. Power makes a complete 180 and now claims to have captured him in the first place for Makima.


In Chainsaw Man, Denji and Power have a brief reunion.

Power sincerely cares for Denji, and while she returned with the intention of rescuing her friend, it’s understandable that she would be nervous when confronted by Makima.

Power aspires to be praised in the same manner as Denji aspires to make significant relationships, which he generally achieves in his pursuit of Makima. Power, on the other hand, defies Makima for the sake of Denji for the first time.

Power saves Denji by taking him and hiding him in a garbage, despite his apparent change of heart. Denji tries to convince Power that he’s already lived a good enough life to die, but it won’t be the same without Power.

She informs Denji that, while Devils can be resurrected after death, she will no longer be the same. Despite this, Power provides Denji her blood in exchange for a contract, instructing him to track down the Blood Devil and turn them back into Power.


Power’s sacrifice, like Pochita’s at the start of the series when he offered his heart to save Denji — dumpster and all — establishes not just that she and Denji are the best pair in the series, but also that Power is one of Chainsaw Man’s greatest characters.

Power has given Denji something vital to look for again, as refreshing as it was to have her back and as bombastic as she’s ever been.

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