Chalonda Jenkins: A Convicted Criminal & Ex-Wife of Serial Killer Nikko Jenkins

November 2, 2022
chalonda jenkins

Chalonda Jenkins, an American sentenced criminal, is best known for her relationship to Nikko Jenkins, the serial killer from America. She was closely involved in the crimes of her ex-husband.

Her ex-husband involved with a murder spree in 2013. She is a suspect in several of his crimes but never taken into custody. She has been in prison since she was a child and is familiar with the consequences of her involvement in a crime.

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Chalonda Jenkins wed into a criminal familychalonda jenkins

Jenkins Wed into a Family Of Convicted Criminals. The Jenkins family has a long history of crime, and this reputation precedes them. More than 30 of their extended relatives have been sentenced to different crimes.

The immediate Jenkins family is no longer together. David Magee, the patriarch of the family, was convicted of murder and died a few years ago. Lori Jenkins was involved with her son’s murder spree; Erica Jenkins and Melonie Jenkins were both convicted and are currently serving their sentences.

Birth Name Chalonda D. Jenkins
famous as Ex-wife of Nikko Jenkins
Age 31 years old as of 2022
Date of Birth 1991
Place of Birth United States of America
Zodiac sign Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Husband Nikko Jenkins

Chalonda Jenkins Wed Nikko Jenkins in Prison

Chalonda and Nikko were both being held at the Tecumseh State Prison when they got married in February 2010.

Their marriage doomed due of their criminal history.

The 2017 wedding resulted in divorce. They have only spent four weeks together outside of prison.

While still married to Nikko Jenkins, Chalonda Jenkins gave birth to a kid by a different man.

Unnamed man made a request for child support to be paid. The child was born to Chalonda and Nikko Jenkins while they were still married.

Chalonda was absent from his life and the man now has full custody.

Chalonda Jenkins Was To Jail Three Times

It is realistic to assume that a lady who spent time in jail for several offences may be accustomed to residing there.

Being a part of a criminal family like the Jenkins complicates a volatile life. She sentenced to one-year imprisonment in 2013 for her role in the shooting of some Nikko Jenkins victims.

Chalonda Jenkins and Nikko Jenkins Share Many Things in Common

It is easy to see their similarities with Nikko Jenkins in their facial writings, and drawings.

Apart from facial drawing, they seem to love each other. The most obvious is a crime.

Ex-husband of Chalonda Jenkins Had A Past Of Self Mutilation. Nikko Jenkins, his ex-husband, killed four people to offer sacrifices to Apophis the Egyptian serpent god. He has also mutilated various parts of his body, including his tongue, pe**s, and forehead, while in prison.

He attempted to make his tongue and genitals look like a serpent, but he failed to do a good job and ended up with many stitches.

Brass knuckles Catch Chalonda Jenkins

An ex-girlfriend of her baby daddy called the police to report a distress call. An intruder tried to cross her apartment and she wanted a protection order. The description of the woman who made the distress call to Chalonda Jenkins was what she gave.

Later, she found in a nearby car. She gave incorrect details when asked her name. Investigators found her married name on the car’s registration paper, along with a cup and a bottle of Tequila inside. She also had brass knuckles in her pockets.

Brass knuckles deemed unfavourable because to her recent run-ins with the law, criminal history, and brass knuckles, and she given a prison sentence.

Chalonda Blamed System for Four Cold Murders

The convicted felon spoke with an anchor about Nikko Jenkins in 2013. She claimed that her ex-partner had told her that he was under the control of the Egyptian god Apophis. He was not ready for society and she had asked the judge to not let him go.

She alleged that despite her repeated requests, Nikko did not given mental health treatment. He was partially responsible for four cold murders that he committed in August 2013. If Nikko had stayed in prison and received the mental health treatment he required, everything would have been different.

Nikko Jenkins threatened Chalonda Jenkins.

Chalonda Jenkins threatened by Nikko, and she filed a police report which led to her arrest. During interrogation, Nikko confessed to four murders that were not connected to the threat against Chalonda.

Chalonda suspected 

She asked about her involvement in Nikko’s 2013 murder spree. Its the first time they had been outside of prison walls for four weeks. After being released from prison in 2013 for felonies he had committed as a teenager, he killed Jorge CajigaRuiz and Juan Uribe Pena, Curtis Bradford and Andrea Kruger. To commit the crime, he was assisted by his sister Lori, his uncle and cousin Christine Bordeaux.

Where is Chalonda Jenkins now?

The Nebraska Women’s Correctional Facility, York gave the convict her one-year sentence. She is now a free citizen of Omaha as of 2022. She has not been reported for breaking the law and it is unclear as to what she may have been doing since her release. Chalonda Jenkins, Omaha, has experienced troubled adulthood.

She has been on both the right and wrong side of law several times since her relationship with the Jenkins family. Her only son has not found her the best mother. Her recent sentence in prison has supported her transformation.


Q. Where is chalonda Jenkins?

A. The ex-wife of the death row killer has finished her one-year jail term in the Nebraska Women’s Correctional Facility in New York.

Q. What nationality is Nikko Jenkins?

A. American.

Q. What did chalonda Jenkins do?

A. Jenkins, who married to Nikko Jenkins and accused of being present when he engaged in a non-fatal shooting in Omaha in August 2013, jailed last week.

Q. What happened to Nikko?

A. Jenkins sentenced to death by a three-judge panel in May 2017.

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