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Charlie Man: Ishvalan Civil War And A Soldier from Amestris



Charlie Man: Is a veteran of the Ishvalan Civil War and a soldier from Amestris’ eastern region.

Served as an enlisted soldier under the command of Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist, during the conflict.

The State Alchemist is someone Charlie admires, particularly how he handled himself on the battlefield during the civil war.


Despite not being a direct subordinate of his previous boss, Charlie remained one of his most ardent followers for years, assisting in the Central City coup.

Charlie Man, Ishvalan Civil War Anime

Charlie Mans

When the long combat eventually came to an end, Charlie took it upon himself to thank his distant commander, then-Major from his enlisted squad, for all of the efforts he had made to keep all of the men beneath him safe.

He described a column of fire that would precede each march as a flame of trust, inspiring the infantrymen to train without fear since they knew their captain would not let them down, although without knowing their names.

The Day That Was Promised

Charlie remains a soldier in the eastern area of Amestris, stationed under Lieutenant General Grumman, seven years after the conflict.


Charlie and his friends are eager to return to the field when it becomes clear that his old leader is organizing a coup in the capital to purge the administration of corruption.

Before heading to Central to assist the Colonel’s main force, Charlie launches the coup’s first attack by dynamiting the bridge on which King Bradley is passing.

Later, he leads the secondary team, destroying the few Central soldiers who have managed to corner the Flame Alchemist while telling his wounded opponents that Fort Briggs soldiers would not have left them alive.

Despite his commitment to the cause, Charlie proves himself to be a dedicated family man, accepting Mustang’s offer to go if the situation worsens so that he can safely return to his wife in the east.


Trivia by The Charlie Man

• The 2009 anime omitted Charlie’s backstory and any sort of true introduction. He is only seen in a separate group assisting Mustang’s team. Only in the manga are his past and personality hinted at.

• One of the key grounds for his desire to become Führer was his description of Mustang’s protection of the men beneath him.

• Mustang had a lasting influence on more than just Charlie. The majority of the soldiers with him when he spoke with the then-Major in Ishval were also involved in the coup d’état. Damiano, Alexandre, Roger, Fabio, Richard, Dino, and Albert are some soldiers’ names.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q. What did Charles Manson do?

Charles Manson, an American criminal and cult leader, was born on November 12, 1934, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and died on November 19, 2017, in Kern County, California.

His followers were responsible for several infamous murders in the late 1960s. Helter Skelter, a best-selling book, was inspired by their crimes (1974).

Q. What happened to Charles Manson?

Manson had been serving his life term at Corcoran State Prison in Central California, where he had been held since 1989, until he died on November 19, 2017.

Q. What was the IQ of Charles Manson?

Upon his arrival, he was given aptitude tests, which revealed that he was illiterate but had an above-average IQ of 109.


Q. Was Charles Manson a well-coordinated assassin?

Manson is also an example of a “mixed” killer. Both his features and his crime scenes reveal both organized and disorganized offender inclinations.

He planned the crimes carefully and wasn’t concerned about being caught until after they were completed.

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