Chelsea Houska Throws MAJOR Colour at Jenelle Evans: We Do not Homicide Pets In Our Circle of relatives!

Previous this week, David Eason posted a video himself consuming a goat.

Now, other people consume goat always, however the distinction with David’s meal is that the animal had a reputation and used to be prior to now a loved circle of relatives puppy.

So are the Easons so deficient that they have got no selection however to slaughter their very own pets with the intention to stay meals at the desk?

Yeah, almost definitely. However that isn’t the explanation that Eason posted a video of himself consuming a goat’s ass sooner than panning to the animal’s severed head within the trash, surrounded through beer cans.

He did it as a result of he is aware of that surprise worth is his simplest probability at ultimate related.

David and Goat 2

That places the general public in a hard place.

We need to make amusing of David for having a small penis and wanting to overcompensate through appearing like a psycho and murdering his youngsters’s pets.

However on the identical time, we all know that through doing so, we are giving him the eye he so desperately craves.

David and Goat 3

Fortunately, Chelsea Houska turns out to have discovered the easiest resolution.

Chelsea, as you almost certainly already know, is mainly the anti-Jenelle Evans.

She additionally lives in a rural house with a variety of acres and animals, however she’s a just right mother who is married to a good, sexy guy who does not frighten young children.

Chelsea Houska and Family Photo

She answered to the Jenelle state of affairs in gloriously passive-aggressive style through posting an Instagram Tale during which her personal goats are observed blissfully frolicking round her assets to the track of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Glorious Global”.

David has but to answer the most obvious jab from Chelsea, and he by no means will, as a result of he is aware of Cole DeBoer would kick his ass.

He has, on the other hand, defended his determination to eat his youngsters’ puppy on Instagram.

Chelsea Goat

“At about one-year-old, the men are sufficiently big to consume and feature actually just right meat. The women folk are actually simplest just right for milk however they have got very wealthy milk,” Eason wrote.

“American citizens are pansies relating to meals,” he added.

“If y’all ever questioned what a goat tastes like off the grill, smartly I’m right here to inform you it tastes like hen, style similar to pork or beef however it’s actual just right,” David blathered on.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

“Other people must consume extra goat. It’s yum.”

Oh, ok! The man whose mind obviously hasn’t been melted through medication says it tastes similar to hen, pork, and beef!

It sort of feels David remains to be at a loss for words, similar to when he did not perceive why other people had an issue with him capturing the circle of relatives canine in entrance of his youngsters.

David Eason on a Weed Farm

Thankfully, Twitter customers have been glad to spell it out for Eason:

“The Easons don’t have a farm, they have got a swamp. they aren’t elevating shit to consume, he’s an animal abuser who enjoys killing reside issues,” one individual tweeted.

“I’ve problems. 1. Animals raised to be meals dont get names. 2. You dont kill pets for meals. 3. This can be a canine killer we’re speaking about,” some other added.

Dave Eason

“So he didnt do humanely i wager. 4. He bragged about it & confirmed Elvis’s [the goat] head in rubbish. So, that displays theres no dignity or admire.

“I don’t assume he meant to ever consume it however it almost definitely pissed him off so he killed it and ate a few of it. Kinda bizarre to publish an image of it within the trash,” a 3rd theorized.

In fact, that remaining phase may not be so exhausting to puzzle out — other people had been calling David trash for see you later that he almost definitely thinks it is a praise.

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