Children aged 4-14 spend more on Fortnite and Roblox than candy

A recent survey in the UK has found that children between the ages of 4 and 14 are more likely to spend money on the games Fortnite or Roblox than on items traditionally favored by children, such as candy. Although this demographic is not traditionally known for their spending money, it is worth noting that their interests and habits seem to have shifted greatly compared to previous generations.

“Fortnite is for children” and other harmful myths

One of the things to address is the belief that Fortnite is a game for kids. While children do commonly play Fortnite, mostly because it is both free and widely available, it’s better said that Fortnite is a game for everybody. This is evidenced by the fact that Epic has worked fairly hard to maintain the accessibility of their game.

While it is apparent that the Fortnite playerbase does skew younger than other games, with its best players often being too young to vote, that does not necessarily mean that you or anyone else can’t play Fortnite just because they are no longer teens.

Most importantly, it means that Epic is likely pulling in a lot of its profit from players outside of that age range, particularly those with more expendable cash.

Possible consequences of Fortnite becoming more popular than candy

The implications of the younger generations being more interested in spending money on Fortnite than more traditional childhood pursuits can be far reaching, though not necessarily bad. Most notably, spending less money on candy means those children are eating much less sugar and other unhealthy things.

Although, the health benefits are difficult to raise as a point in favor of Fortnite because Fortnite itself encourages those same players to remain largely inactive during their games. But at the very least, this does imply a shift in what children think is worthy of their money, especially considering what precious little of it they have.

Published 21 Sep 2020, 00:32 IST

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