How Chloe Cherry Got Cast in “Euphoria”

November 2, 2022
chloe cherry

chloe cherry

  • Name: Chloe Cherry
  • Age: 25
  • Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

You are now living in a Hollywood apartment with a roommate.

Claim to Fame: Ms. Cherry was an acting novice and made her TV debut in Season 2. She played Faye, the wide-eyed, pouty, loud-mouthed girlfriend of a drug dealer who cannot seem to escape violence and heroin.

Cherry stated that she wasn’t certain if she had the acting skills to play the part when she was offered it. Sam Levinson, the show’s creator, and her confidence grew, she stated.

This was so that her character got more screen time. She said, “I’m still shocked at how huge the response has been.”

Chloe Cherry Big Break: Her story is as bizarre as any Euphoria plotline. She fled Pennsylvania to Miami in 2015, just days after turning 18. She said that she was “infatuated with the adult market.

 She said that she researched how to run away legally and found out that they could not report you missing if you leave a note. After signing with a talent agent, she moved to Los Angeles where she was a star in pornography for her bizarre Instagram stories.

It turned out that Mr. Levinson was a regular follower of Ms. Cherry’s Instagram account and reached out to her through a casting agent in 2019. Ms. Cherry initially thought it was a fraud.

She said, “I was like, “No thanks, this looks fake.” She auditioned, Chloe cherry and she won over the producers. She decided to quit pornography after filming the series and move to mainstream acting. She said, “My entire adult life I have been doing something on which people can disagree.”

Latest Project She has expanded her creative options since her role in Euphoria.

She modeled in Versace and Ssense ads in spring in which she was challenged by a purse-snatching robot. She also creates art (her collages were displayed at a Los Angeles art fair in March) as well as hip-hop (she’s posted three tracks to SoundCloud).

Next Thing Her acting career is booming. Ms. Cherry was recently cast in “,” a science-fiction drama that stars Dasha Nekrasova.

Ms. Cherry also signed up for “Tuna Melt Film,” which is a dark comedy about a hit man starring Sza Huang and Eddie Huang. Ms. Cherry said, “Imagine if Good Times was about hot ladies.”

The Future of Pornography What is the greatest difference between Hollywood and pornography? Ms. Cherry stated that people will pay for Hollywood stuff but not for porn. Another difference? She said, “I used to be obsessed with how my body looked,” but she doesn’t anymore.

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