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Chris Potoski : A Look at His Personal & Professional Life



Chris Potoski, a businessman, lives with Brandi Love, his wife of many years. Chris Potoski, an American businessman, is known for having dominated the business sector for almost 20 years. He was also a successful entrepreneur in the business world and became more famous after marrying Tracey Lynn Livermore.

Many people know Tracey also by her screen name Brandi. She is an established actress as an adult. Today’s writing will focus on Potoski’s married life.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about Chris Potoski who is he. career, Business, Assets, Wife, Kids and net worth. To get all new updates follow


Who is Chris Potoskichris potoski

Chris Potoski was born in 1972. He grew up at Eagle Village, a Michigan public care facility. Potoski was 50 years old in 2022. We don’t know much about Chris’s siblings and parents. Potoski was in the state’s care during his high school and junior years.

He attended Walled Lake Western high school, Commerce Town, Michigan and received his GED. He transferred to an independent living program in the state of Michigan for college.

Potoski received a mentorship from a social worker later on, and was provided with a stipend by the state. Potoski wanted to go to college and join the military. However, he limited in options due to his GED.

He moved to Big Rapids to pursue Ferris State University.

After a few attempts, he finally got in and assigned to a summer internship. In 1990, he moved from Ferris State University to Central Michigan University.


Chris graduated with a GPA 3.8 from that dual major in Kinesiology, Psychology and Physiology.

Chris Potoski Career and Business

Potoski is founder and COO at TraceyJordan Properties. He was previously employed in the Healthcare industry.

Potoski began his career in 1995 as Curative Health Services’ Director of Business Development. This was a prominent company for managing diseases. Chris left Curative Health Services in December 1995.

Potoski was the Vice President of Business Development for National Healing Corporation from 2000 to 2005.


His main role was to ensure mutually beneficial agreements between the hospital/hospital system partners and the company in large and small markets.

InVixis Media Systems was a Raleigh-based software company that he co-founded in 2009. It acquired by him in 2014.

Potoski joined Regent Medical Solutions in January 2011 as Vice President.

Potoski managed a team consisting of development and operations professionals. They developed and implemented the company’s EHR Implementation, Meaningful use, ICD-10 and Revenue Cycle Management Services.


Chris Potoski TraceyJordan Property

Potoski, who is also the COO of TraceyJordan Properties, founded TraceyJordan Properties, Raleigh-Durham in July 2014.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Tracey Jordan Properties LLC, a luxury resort developer, specializes in offering boutique experiences and luxury properties to vacationers along Michigan’s Inland Waterway.

Chris Potoski TJC Asset management

Chris Potoski, the founder and COO at TJC Asset Management was founded in 2004.

This company offers digital media management services, including domain management, content management and management of software/asset licences.


Chris Potoski Wife & kidschris potoski wife

Potoski and Tracey Lynn Livermore, an ex-actress in adult films, were married in a private ceremony on February 10, 1994. Tracey is also known as Brandi Love.

They also share a daughter, who was born in 2000. Brandi and Brandi are associated with the adult market so Brandi has chosen to keep the identity of their daughter secret.

Potoski’s family opposed the couple keeping their daughter citing their adult careers, it was reported. The two of them fought for their daughter’s protection.

After the legal process completed, child protection officers and police arrived to inspect the home of the couple before they allowed the child to be adopted.

Potoski began making adult videos in 2000 after being advised by doctors to change his career.


He had suffered a self inflicted heart attack. He is an entrepreneur and flew more than 240 times a year, while staying at home nine days per month.

Potoski Is Supportive Of His Wife Brandi Love’s Profession

Brandi Love, a former model and adult film entertainer, married Potoski on February 10, 1994 in a private ceremony. Since then, the couple have been together. They have a daughter together (born in 2000).

Love associated with the adult film industry so Potoski and she decided to keep their daughter’s identities private. Their daughter was not revealed publicly until their 23rd wedding anniversary.

Chris met his best friend and bride in college. They were married just before graduating. They moved to Florida in a Ryder Truck during their graduation.


The Ryder truck then moved into the couple’s apartment in Ft. Lauderdale, and they set off for Mexico. They traveled backpacked across the country for nearly four months.

Many people have wondered if Brandi’s husband was ever a problem with Brandi’s career. Potoski is, in fact, the one who funded and co-founded the adult company for Brandi. Grapevine Greetings also has them as business partners. They design custom labels for wine bottles.

In-laws fought for daughter’s custody. Chris’ Heart Attack and Wife’s Porn

According to reports, Brandi’s parents and Chris’s in-laws wanted custody because they felt Brandi was not in a suitable environment due to Brandi’s work. Chris and his wife resisted the decision and were able to keep their daughter.

Brandi was actually a victim of stress before Brandi started to consider a career as a pornographer. He and his wife decided to make adult content at home because of this. This was March 2004. He had flown an average of 240 flights per year for the past three years and was home on average 9 days per month.


This increased the chance that their child would grow up in a negative environment.

To save the child, the grandparents called child protection services. After a series of investigations, the authority discovered nothing concerning the child’s immediate surroundings that could cause concern. Chris and his wife were granted the right to raise their daughter.

The businessman and the actress created a website to provide support for others who were going through similar experiences. It was named Parent In Adult.

Potoski’s wife kicked out of an event

Chris Potoski’s wife expelled from a conservative event. Love and her husband attended Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida, in July 2017. A VIP ticket cost them around $500.


After backlash from Christian organizers and parents, the other attendees pushed her out. Chris’ spouse later said that the incident was very hurtful and disappointing. It was an example of cancel culture, she said.

She claimed that she banned for her support and love of Charlie Kirk’s organization. Love said it was hypocritical. Love, the spouse of the businessman, arrived initially at the Tampa Convention Center as an enthusiastic participant. She posted numerous photos on Twitter to promote the event and shared many.

However, the Christian conservatives began to criticize her presence, saying that it was a mistake for the organization to allow an adult movie star to attend an event aimed at 16- and 15-year-olds. The organizers sent an email to the adult actress stating that she was not invited to the event.

What is Chris Potoski Net Worth

Briefly reports that Chris Potoski has a net worth of $10 million. His income was derived entirely from multiple businesses. Potoski is a wealthy man who has a high net worth. He lives lavishly with his family.


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