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Chuba Cabra: Club Itself Is A Tiny And Basic Structure



Chuba Cabra: The club itself is a tiny and basic structure, save for a massive and ornate sign that towers over the whole front of the building, almost equaling the structure in size and boasting the club’s name in huge Japanese katakana characters and embellished with hearts and lights that turn on at night.

Chuba Cabra

Chuba Cabra

On one wall, there is an enclosed bar with many stools and a separate payment area. In contrast, on the opposite wall, there are various partitioned sections with individual small couches and spherical glass tables.

Inside, the decor is mostly pink, with various objects generously embellished with golden trim that generally comply with a heart theme presented throughout, even appearing on the entrance door in the form of a heart-shaped window. The club is lit by a large number of candles, which can be found on many of the tables and built into some of the walls.


For the primary female employees, there is also a separate changing locker room.


As a cabaret club, its personnel serve alcoholic beverages to patrons, engage in flirty conversations, and provide food and entertainment, the latter two of which are accomplished with the help of the staff and their magical talents.

They also hold parties and offer in-house food.  After their personnel were expelled as witches, they attempted to solicit and market to younger students of Death Weapon Meister Academy as consumers, despite their company being originally adult-oriented and restricted to children.

Arisa and Risa were both disguised as humans when the club was used as a front for spy operations on Death Weapon Meister Academy on behalf of Arachnophobia.


However, after their exposure, they’ve gone their way and rebranded themselves as a unique club that caters to human clientele with witch hosts.


The Chupacabra is a legendary beast purported to reside in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the United States and is thought to feed on the blood of goats and other small livestock. “Goatsucker” is the literal meaning of the word.

The only thing written on the outside of the club in the anime is its name. However, there is a picture of a scantily clad chupacabra in the manga’s opening chapter.

The Chupacabra is still present in the second chapter, although it is dressed and positioned differently. Following that, the sign in the manga becomes identical to the one in the anime.


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