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Cleatus Lebow Death Cause: LeBow served in the U.S. Navy during World War II, and we talked to him about his experiences. LeBow joined the navy in 1943. He went from Lubbock, Texas, to San Diego, California, for training with new recruits. From San Francisco, he went to Pearl Harbor on an LST. At Pearl Harbor, he was sent to work on the USS Oklahoma, which had just been put back on its feet. Soon after that, he got on the USS Indianapolis to work as a range finder operator on one of the gun turrets. The Indianapolis left Hawaii and went to Tarawa and the Marshall Islands. LeBow saw the Japanese.

Who Is Cleatus Lebow?

Cleatus Lebow Death Cause

On July 30, 1945, Cleatus, a fire control technician and Petty Officer Third Class, lost his life when the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese torpedo. Cleatus had been a member of the Indianapolis’s crew for almost three years before the ship went down, earning him the nickname “old salt.”

How did Cleatus Lebow die?

On their Facebook page, USS Indianapolis said that Cleatus Lebow had died. The text says,Cleatus Lebow, a survivor of the USS Indianapolis, died earlier today. It is with great sadness that we have to tell you this.


Cleatus Lebow Death Cause who was 98, had lived in Texas his whole life. He grew up in Abernathy with 8 brothers and sisters. When he was a teenager, he joined the Navy. He joined the USS Indianapolis in 1944. He received seven of the ship’s 10 combat stars. Cleatus served as a gunnery range-finder in Marianas, Tinian, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa before it was bombed.

After the war, Lebow went back to his hometown of Abernathy and got a job with the telephone company. His military experience helped him in this job. He worked in that field in different places for 35 years before he retired. He joined the USS Indianapolis Survivors Organization and became an important part of it. Over the next few decades, he went to many reunions to honour his shipmates and tell everyone he could about their experiences.Harold Bray, Jr. is the only USS Indianapolis survivor left after his death.

Cleatus Lebow’s death was caused by

Cleatus Lebow Death Cause So far, the USS Indianapolis has not said what killed Cleatus Lebow. Again, people on Facebook say that he died of natural causes because of how old he was. As far as the reports go, Cleatus was not known to be a patient.


Medico topics has been trying to get in touch with the family and relatives to hear what they have to say about what happened. So far, we haven’t heard back from anyone. We’ll change the page when we have enough information. More details about what killed Cleatus Lebow will be added soon.

Cleatus Lebow is getting a lot of condolences.

Michael John Smith said,Good winds and calm seas. Get back with your shipmates and don’t worry, sir, we’ll keep an eye on things.Mr. Smith said,Thank you for your service, Cleatus. After his ship dropped the bomb that helped end the war, he stayed alive for hours in water full of sharks.


How old is Cleatus Lebow?

98 years oldLebow is now the oldest living survivor at 98 years old, and it is one of his last chances to meet fellow survivor Harold Bray, who is 94 years old.

Sharpn Honn said

What a blessing it has been for us to be friends. I will miss seeing you every week. What a great guy Robert Edward Coleman, my uncle, served on the Indy with him. I’ve always felt like I had something in common with him. I’m sorry for his family.

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