Clesi Crochet Bio: Life-Style and Family

September 19, 2022
Clesi Crochet

Since 2015, when she was a student-athlete at Boise State, Clesi Crochet is a Bronco. Clesi Crochet graduated from Boise State with a bachelor’s in communications. She also received minors in sport innovation and culture and user research. Crochet was an associate coach and 4-year coach for the boise state mane line dancing team during her time at university. You can find out more about the life and career of clesi crochet, including her family.

While finishing her senior year at university, she worked as an operations and recruiting intern for Boise State football. She expanded her internship to include on-campus recruiting. This included assisting the director in organizing and hosting all official recruiting visits.

Crochet will also be a full-time assistant for the head coach/on campus recruiting and operations in 2020. In 2013, she moved to Boise along with her younger sister and mother. She is now joined her stepfather Chris Culig and his four children. Crochet loves visiting her father Bret in San Diego during the offseason.

Who is Clesi Crochet Bio?

Clesi Crochet

Clesi works as the assistant to the Head Coach Bryan Harsin, as well as Football Operations at Auburn University. Additonally, She was born and raised in San Diego, California, United States. In 2013, she moved to Boise, Idaho. She enjoys reading, playing golf, and practicing Indian yoga. She is also an assistant coach and more focused on being fit to help other players.

Recently, she was in a heated debate about her relationship with Bryan Harsin, head coach.

Real name Clesi Crochet
Nickname Clesi
Profession Assistant to the Head Coach and Football Operations at Auburn
Date of Birth 4 September
Age 25 year old
Gender Female
Birthplace San Diego, United States
It is well-known Assistant to Bryan Harsin
Height(approx) 5 feet 5 inches
Weight (approx) 65
Zodiac Sign Stay tuned for more updates
Nationality American
Education/Degree Bachelor of Arts, BA, Communication and Media Studies * (2015-2019)
University Boise State University
Name of the mother Mrs. Crochet
Father’s name Mr. Crochet
Sister name Stay tuned for more updates
Boyfriend Single
Realizations Dance teacher

Clesi Crochet Bio Life Style and Family

Clesi was born in San Diego on September 4, 1986. This city is located in California, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and close to the border with Mexico. Clesi has always been passionate about sports, even as a child. Clesi always wanted to be involved in the sport world so she could give her all to the sector. She is also passionate about teaching.

Clesi Crochet is a well-known face. However, her Wikipedia page has been deleted. Other web-based pages could support her bio

Crochet also enrolled at Boise University for her bachelor’s in communication and media in 2019.

She also worked as an intern at Boise State football on-campus for several years in the recruiting and operations section. After joining Auburn University in 2021, she was a star.

Is Clesi Crochet Bryan Harsin’s Girlfriend?

Bryan Harsin is not certain if Clesi Crochet has become his girlfriend. However, there has been some speculation that Bryan had an affair with Clesi Crochet, his supporter.

Bryan and Clesi work closely together to improve the team. It’s easy to see the chemistry between them. They have both remained mum about the rumor. Many people speculate that they are close friends, while others claim they are romantically involved.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied about the rumor.

Clesi’s life at Boise State University

Boise University was a great place for her to study and work hard. She said that the four years she spent at university gave her a new opportunity to fulfill her dream of being a part of the sporting community.

Clesi gained so much joy, laughter, friends, and life lessons which helped her get to where she is today. It was an incredible experience for her at Boise State University.

Clesi Crochet Education

Clesi has participated in many school activities and sports. She wanted to be a part of the community in sports, so she took part in many games. She participated in many sports, including gymnastics and dance, that took up most of her childhood.

Because of her love for sports, she is not afraid to put in the work during training sessions. She has won many custom medals with her name and events on them. Every time she looks at them, she feels that they are a symbol of sweat and hard work.

You can choose a personalized race medal for Clesi if you or someone you know loves sports as much. Clesi wasn’t sure of her destiny or what she wanted to do when she grew-up. She was certain she would always be involved in sports.

From 2015 to 2019, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies at Boise State University.


Clesi is a loyal worker and has excellent executive skills. Clesi is also very experienced and knowledgeable in event planning. She has college-level experience in sports management and playing.

Clesi and Other Skills

  • She does event planning.
  • Clesi has extensive experience in travel deals.
  • She is responsible for documentation and reporting.
  • Logistics oversight,
  • Scheduling and calendaring, and
  • Background in operations Management.
  • Leadership in promoting success, productivity and excellence.

Career History

Clesi also manages the creation and maintenance for the annual calendars of football teams. Clesi also creates all presentations for staff and team meetings.She works alongside the team to plan and execute travel and recruit staff.

Assistant Head Coach at Boise State University

Clesi Crochet also works as a recruiting coordinator and assistant head coach at Boise State football. Clesi was responsible for managing and executing both official and informal visits to recruit football players at Boise State University. She assists in daily tasks, not least.

Ballet Teacher at Dance Unlimited (Boise ID)

Clesi also taught dance at Dance Unlimited for 3 years, 6 months, beginning in January 2017 and ending in June 2020.She also trained beginner in hip hop, jazz and contemporary dance styles. For students, she also taught competitive dance classes.

clesi is also an experienced manager which allowed her to create and nurture a positive environment for the team. This helped them all achieve their potential.She also worked as an associate at a Nike store in Boise from May 2016 to March 2017.

Clesi Crochet BioSalary

Many people are also looking for Clesi salaries. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of Auburn University Assistants is $31,977 per annum. Clesi Crochets earn $31,977 annually, according to our calculations.

These data could be different from the estimates provided by Glassdoor.

Clesi Crochet’s Social Media Accounts

Social media can also be used to remind us of the daily lives and routines of our favourite celebs. To keep up with her latest updates, as a fan, visit all her social media accounts.Twitter, ClesiCrochet ,Clesi Crochet Instagram clesicrochet.

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