Top 10 Best Colleges in US 2022

September 23, 2022
Best colleges in US

Best Colleges in US: The Top 10 Best Colleges of 2022 is released annually. This list includes the top universities and colleges in higher education. These schools have rich histories, beautiful campuses, and amazing academic programs.

Here you will find a mix of public and private schools, large and small, well-known and unknown. Explore the list to learn more about America’s top colleges.  Follow centralfallout to get updated.

Top 10 Best Colleges in US

Best colleges in US

1.Princeton University: Best Colleges in US

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university. It was established in 1746. The College of New Jersey was its original name. It is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in America. It receives approximately 32,500 applications each year and has a 5.8% acceptance rate, making it extremely competitive.

2.Harvard University

Harvard University has produced some remarkable alumni. Harvard University has the highest number of Nobel Prizes and Field Medals-winning alumni and researchers than any other school. Eight U.S. presidents and 188 billionaires are among the alumni. There are also 108 Olympic medalists. Econometrics, quantitative economics, socio sciences, and computer science are the most popular majors.

  • Cambridge, MA – Location
  • Type of Institution – Private
  • Student Enrollment- 31,655
  • Visit now- Harvard University

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Best Colleges in US

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) currently has approximately 11,500 students. Many students focus on mechanical engineering and computer science, while others are able to earn a doctorate. Common majors include mathematics and physics. Alumni have founded companies such as Intel, Koch Industries and Dropbox.

4. California Institute of Technology

Caltech is also known as Caltech. The California Institute of Technology has a motto that “the truth shall make you free.” Science and Engineering are the top choices for students. Caltech’s 76 Nobel laureates (including 40 alumni and professors). The school has just over 2200 students today.

5. Yale University: Best Colleges in US

Collegiate School became Yale University in 1701. It received its current name in 1718. Their motto Lux et veritas is Latin for “Light and Truth”. The university includes 14 schools, including the undergraduate college and twelve professional schools. It also has the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Yale offers a 6-percent chance for students to be accepted.

  • Location- New Haven, CT
  • Type of Institution: Private
  • Student Enrollment- 13,609
  • Visit now- Yale University

6. University of Chicago

Over 34,600 applications were submitted to Chicago. Just 2,000 were accepted. The school has a 6% acceptance ratio. It is composed of five graduate research divisions and an undergraduate college. There are also campuses in Paris, Hong Kong, and Paris.

7. Stanford University

Stanford University boasts a 4% acceptance rate, and a 99% retention rate in the first year. The student-to-faculty ratio at Stanford University is just 5 to 1. Herbert Hoover graduated from Stanford. Other Stanford alumni include Fulbright Scholars and members of Congress. Their colors are white and cardinal. They’re called the Cardinals.

  • Stanford, CA Location
  • Type of Institution: Private
  • Student Enrollment- 17,249
  • Visit now- Stanford University

8. University of Pennsylvania

Benjamin Franklin founded and led Penn in 1740. Franklin Field is the home of the Quakers in the NCAA Division I-Ivy League. It was named after Franklin. 86% of students will graduate within four years, with a 98% retention rate in their first year. 96% of students will graduate within six years.

9.Columbia University

Columbia’s selective acceptance rate is 5.5%. It accepts only 2,300 students from 42,900 applicants. Econometrics and Computer Science are the top choices for majors. It is the oldest college of higher education in the country. Columbia was one of nine colonial colleges established before the Declaration of Independence.

  • New York City, NY Location
  • Private Institution Type
  • Student Enrollment- 31,456
  • Visit now- Columbia University

10. Duke University

In 1838, Quakers and Methodists founded Duke University. It has produced 50 Rhodes Scholars and 3 Turing Award winners. The university is also known as the Blue Devils. Its colors are Duke Blue and White. Students choose Econometrics as their top major.

  • Location- Durham, NC
  • Type of Institution: Private
  • Student Enrollment- 16,686
  • Visit now- Duke University

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