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OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney to Stay Jailed Until Proven Guilty


OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney is facing charges for murdering her boyfriend in Miami, and her attorneys say that she will consider appealing her conviction. Her seven-figure income makes her a huge flight risk, and her defense team says that they will carefully examine the evidence in her case. They are also questioning the credibility of a key witness.

Courtney Clenney Autopsy

Courtney Clenney

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s office has announced the arrest of Courtney Clenney, an Instagram model who is accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death. After being arrested in Hawaii earlier this month, she was extradited to Florida where she is to stand trial for second-degree murder.

The State Attorney’s office says Courtney Clenney was an aggressor who fatally stabbed her live-in boyfriend Christian “Toby” Obumseli in April. According to the police report, a heated argument between the two led to the fatal attack.

Clenney has over 2 million followers on Instagram and goes by Courtney Tailor on the social network. She was reportedly seeking treatment for substance abuse and PTSD when the incident occurred.

The medical examiner found that Clenney was standing inches in front of Obumseli when she stabbed him. The deep blade wound punctured a major artery. It was more likely to have come from a forceful downward thrust than a knife.

Courtney Clenney Prieto questions damaging recordings of Clenney calling Obumseli the n-word

Miami-Dade prosecutors have released secret recordings that appear to show Courtney Clenney repeatedly calling Christian Obumseli the N-word. The couple was known to be a turbulent pair, with several altercations, according to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office.

The recordings were obtained by NBC News, and defense attorney Frank Prieto has questioned the prosecutors’ decision to release the videos. Prieto said the videos, which were recorded without the girlfriend’s knowledge, were taken in public settings and out of context. He also argued that they are inconsistent with the claims of self-defense.

Several weeks after Obumseli was killed, his family said they were “traumatized” by the violence. They say it was a case of domestic violence. It is unclear whether they are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against Clenney.

Obumseli and Clenney had been together for about two years. They had moved to Miami at the beginning of the year. Their relationship had been characterized by a series of confrontations, reportedly including multiple altercations in Austin.

Courtney Clenney’s defense attorneys say they will consider an appeal

Courtney Clenney is accused of murdering her boyfriend Christian Obumseli. The two had been in a violent relationship for some time before he was killed.

A judge denied Clenney’s bond earlier this month. She had been staying in a Hawaii rehabilitation center for substance abuse. However, she was extradited back to Florida to face charges of second-degree murder with a deadly weapon.

Prosecutors believe Clenney is a flight risk because she can work anywhere. They want to keep her in jail until her trial. But her lawyers have argued that her arrest was a misunderstanding.

Clenney has said she was defending herself against an attack. But Miami-Dade’s medical examiner testified that the wound was from a close stab. In fact, it was three inches long.

Clenney has more than two million Instagram followers. She has also appeared on the reality show OnlyFans. After her arrest, her account was shuttered. Now, she is expected to be sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole.

Courtney Clenney’s seven-figure income makes her a substantial flight risk

Courtney Clenney, also known as Courtney Tailor, has denied the murder charges against her, but her lawyers argue that she acted in self-defense. She was charged with second-degree murder after she killed her African immigrant boyfriend, Christian Obumseli, after an argument in April 2022.

The state’s main contention is that she tried to hide money in order to avoid being arrested. Several witnesses and the police detective who investigated the crime testified that she funneled thousands of dollars from her bank account to her father’s account after the stabbing.

Prosecutors say that Courtney Clenney was a “substantial flight risk” because of her seven-figure income from an adult content site. They also allege that she was “abusive and violent” in her relationship with Obumseli, releasing surveillance video of her beating him in an elevator.

According to the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, Clenney’s “abusive behavior” and her previous history of violence in relationships led to the death of her boyfriend.

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