Cynthia Blaise: Who is Keegan-Michael Key’s Ex-Wife Cynthia Blaise?

October 19, 2022

Cynthia Blaise, one half of the divorcing celebrity couple is a Hollywood-based actress and coach in dialect. Her most notable roles include Star Trek V (2006), Miami Vice (2011), Bad Teacher (2011) and Star Trek V (2006).

Most people imagine a happy marriage between two stars. Some even believe that their children will have the most beautiful and happy lives. But this was not the case for Cynthia Blaise (Keegan-Michael Key wife). One of Hollywood’s most famous stars is not immune to the divorce curse.

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Who is Cynthia BlaiseCynthia Blaise and her ex-husband

Cynthia Blaise, Keegan-Michael’s ex-lover, was mentioned earlier. Blaise is one of very few women who has both beauty and brains. She was passionate about acting and decided to enroll at the University of Oregon to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. She continued her education at the University of California Irvine to complete her master’s in Fine Arts.

In 1989, Cynthia became a dialect coach and actress. She has been involved in many top-notch films and projects since then.

What is Cynthia Blaise’s age?

In 1989, Cynthia was first in the limelight. This means she is old enough, as she was a master’s student at the time. The white American actress was actually born in 1958. Her age as of 2019 is 61.

Cynthia Blaise: The Top 10 Most Interesting Facts You Should Know

Here are some fascinating facts about Cynthia Blaise, a former Star Trek actress.

1. Cynthia is a star actress

An actor who is a promising actor may not be able to land roles in major movies or TV shows. Experts in this field often have to struggle with auditions so they can land good roles. Cynthia was able to overcome this obstacle. Her first role was in Star Trek V: Final Frontier, which she starred in.

Blaise also appeared in outstanding films such as Key, Timequest and Pele. The former featured Blaise as a teacher. This role was highly praised by many. The Robot Chicken’s first episode was filmed in 2016. Cynthia, a talented actress, took part. She displayed her acting skills here.

2. She is a pro-dialog coach

Cynthia Blaise is still a household name in entertainment because of her proficiency at dialect coaching. Her involvement in some of the most exciting and well-received films has earned her great reviews. Miami Vice, Hardcore, Beautiful and Twisted, The Truth About Emanuel, The Tiger Hunter, Bad Apple, 6 Souls, Faster, and The Bad Teacher were some of the most famous TV and movie shows in which she served as Mr Roth’s dialect coach. He was also credited with her role in the 2006 Justice TV series.

3. Cynthia was once an assistant in production

Blaise was an actress, a coach of dialects and also attempted film production. She was also the Eli Stone production assistant. The TV series aired in 2009.

4. Blaise was 14 years younger than her husband.

In today’s modern world, age does not matter when it comes to marriage. It is often referred to as “just a number” and it is not surprising to see an older woman marry a younger man. Cynthia Blaise is one such beauty. She married Keegan Michael Key, who is 14 years older than her.

5. Cynthia and John were married for 17 years

How did Keegan Michael and Cynthia Blaise get together? Keegan-Michael Key met Cynthia Blaise while working at the Detroit Repertory Theater. After a while, they dated and then they were married in 1998. They have been together on a few projects, including Key and Peele.

After 17 years of happy marriage, their fairytale relationship ended in 2015 because of “irreconcilable disagreements”. Keegan filed for divorce the same year, but it was completed in 2017.

6. Cynthia and Keegan were among the most adorable couples in America

Key and Blaise were among the most adorable couples in America during their 17-year marriage. The couple shared their love on great red carpet events like the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Many newspapers and magazines praised the couple as a classy and adorable couple. They attended the Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2015 together as their last red-carpet event.

7. Blaise’s ex-hubby got married to another woman shortly after the divorce was finalized

Star Trek’s Cynthia Blaise has not confirmed that she is in a relationship with anyone. It is therefore safe to assume she has not moved on from 2017’s divorce. This is not true for her ex-lover. After the divorce was over, Keegan made it public: he was now engaged to her.

The Mad TV couple got engaged to Elisa Pugliese in June 2018. They kept their relationship secret from media and prying eyes.

8. Blaise was able to benefit from the divorce

According to reports, Key ordered by the court 34,000 US Dollars per month for’spousal support’. To equalize assets, Key & Peele’s star was ordered to pay Blaise US$ 655 6,649 He was required to pay her 21% of his annual income plus a $2153,846 excess from all sources.

Blaise would receive $700,000. This is in addition to the fact that her total spousal support each year would not exceed $700,000. According to court documents, Key will continue to pay her until Blaise marries or dies. Other assets that Key won from the divorce include a vacation home in Mexico and a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek.

9. Cynthia’s divorce brought her many financial and health problems.

Blaise’s divorce caused her financial and health problems. These led to her losing weight, hair, suffering from depression, anxiety and PTSD. According to legal documents, she was taking five medications to treat different ailments at the time of her divorce.

Her ex-husband seemed to be doing well, despite her financial and health problems. Blaise acknowledged that Key was earning more than her during their last years of marriage. Acting and a US$1.2 million endorsement by Toyota were his primary sources of income.

10. She does not have any children

Surprisingly, Key’s ex-wife of 61 years has no children. Her 17-year marriage did not bear any fruit.

The above Cynthia Blaise facts will make you happy and sad, it is undeniable. Despite her being single and childless, her acting and coaching skills in dialect are still exceptional, superior and outstanding.

Cynthia Blaise Net Worth

The actress has an estimated net worth of about $1million.

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