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Darrell Brooks Jr: Waukesha Christmas parade suspect’s attorneys change plea, blaming mental illness


Darrell Brooks Jr. is suspected of driving into the 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade. Darrell Brooks Jr. The only issue, discussed at a hearing on Tuesday, was which mental health doctor should evaluate him as part of his not guilty by reason of mental defect (insanity) plea.

Actually, it’ll be three separate doctors doing the work.

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Waukesha Christmas parade suspect’s: Darrell Brooks Jr

Darrell Brooks Jr

The 40-year-old Milwaukee man’s lawyers disclosed the plea change at a change of venue hearing on June 20.

If Brooks pleads guilty, he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation for the court and his lawyers.

After Brooks denied a court-appointed doctor’s visit, his lawyers and the DA’s office battled over who should examine him.

Dr. Deborah Collins was officially appointed by the DA’s office on June 21 by written order.

Collins alleges Brooks declined to meet with her in Waukesha County Jail to confer with his counsel.

The court favoured Collins over the state. Anna Kees and Jeremy Perri were unhappy with Collins’ money offer.

The defence requested Dr. Melissa Westendorf from Collins’ office. This misunderstanding and the defense’s request that Waukesha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Dorow offer clarity sparked Tuesday’s hearing.

Dorow didn’t say Collins couldn’t judge, but he worried. Dorow: “Problem.” I’d rather be cautious than be the state’s expert.

Dorow inserted Tyre and Pankiewicz for Collins to assess Brooks’ insanity eligibility. The state has decided to keep Collins on in a similar capacity.

Brooks pleaded “not guilty by reason of mental infirmity” on June 20. Dorow denied the motion.

Dorow already ordered that the four-week trial, set to begin on October 3, will go forward as planned. Expert reports, including Brooks’ mental health experts, are due in August.19 per court order.

Jurors received a 19-page, 100-question questionnaire due to the number of victims and witnesses.

Brooks faces 83 criminal allegations, including deliberate homicide with a dangerous weapon (his car), recklessly endangering safety with a dangerous weapon, hit-and-run causing death, and homicide by vehicle involving a controlled narcotic.

Brooks allegedly drove past police blockades and attacked paradegoers on Nov. 21. Brooks remains in jail on a $5 million bail.

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