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DAZN free trial: does it offer one & how do I sign up?



DAZN free trial, did it offer one, and how do I sign up? Hi, Today, I will be sharing much exciting information on the topic. Did it offer one, and how do I sign up?

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DAZN free trial: does it offer one & how do I sign up?

DAZN has big fights – but did it also have a free trial?

The meteoric rise of sports streaming service DAZN is considering as recently as 2015 and in a way that shows launched in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Japan in the following year.


Now, it operates more than 200 markets and streams some of the world’s biggest sports, are the NFL, Premier League, and many of the top boxing fights around. Its offering changes depending on where one is in the world, especially when it comes to whether one will sign up for DAZN for just £1.99 a month or get a free trial instead.

But content and pricing changes by market, usefully for fight fans. It is increasingly an exclusive global rights-holder. When it comes to boxing, DAZN shows.

It clarifies that it is now a significant player in an excessive sports streaming game and particularly boxing. What is less apparent is where a free trial is available in the year 2021. How to get the lowest price in all the places that one is not.

DAZN free trial: where will I get one?

As part of its rollout global, DAZN free trial offers have been available in select markets to help introduce new users to the service. It isn’t the case across the board, though, and in most new launch markets, DAZN is now just super cheap instead – just £1.99 in the UK, where it launched. 


Please scroll down for a closer look at the cheapest places to get DAZN and know that it is still possible to get a free DAZN trial in at least two countries we know of, Canada and Switzerland.

However, as is often the case with market-specific streaming services, it’s subject to one of the internet’s more annoying phenomena: geo-blocking. It means one cannot just sign up for a free DAZN Canada trial from anywhere. One has in the country. If one is in the US, UK, or anywhere else, try to access the DAZN Canada site. One will politely redirect to the region’s version of service. 

A method for overcoming a problem of sorts exists in the form of a VPN. It is software that allows one to digitally relocate the device’s IP address back to the country of residence. So Canadians abroad will still sign up for a free DAZN trial if they have got their home credit card details handy or access their existing subscription. If that is one, our latest testing shows our No.1 rated VPN. Express VPN is working well to get the digital self back to the Great White North.

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looking to signing up for a free DAZN trial from anywhere other than Canada or Switzerland. One is to check out of luck. Instead, consider where one will get the lowest DAZN price. Because here, a bit of extra practical knowledge will help one save big.

Where to get the lowest DAZN rate instead of a free trial

Again, DAZN pricing changes by country – quite dramatically and not always somewhat.

In the United States, it is a whopping amount of $19.99 a month. On the ready side, one considers something like HBO Max is just $14.99 a month. One will get a Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle for only $12.99 a month.

It is vibrant considering that its content giving is primarily the same as that of the United Kingdom. Most boxing and other combat sports, with no Premier League, Champions League, or NFL action, like Canada in some other markets. There the service is still confidential to this insanely cheap £1.99 a month DAZN introductory offer.


In other words, boxing fans looking to watch the next big Canelo fight on DAZN will save a bundle if they are in the UK – and pay a whole lot more Stateside. If you can’t get a free DAZN trial, then only having to cough up two quid is undoubtedly the next best thing.

So, this is essential information on the topic. Did it offer one, and how do I sign up?

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