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How to DBD Prestige Survivors & Killers in Dead By Daylight



DBD Prestige: In Dead By Daylight, reaching Level 50 with a character grants prestige to that Killer or Survivor. They can repeat this process three times to earn rewards.

Leveling up Survivor and Killer characters and earning new Perks and Add-Ons with Bloodpoints is part of the standard gameplay in Dead By Daylight, however there is little growth after Level 50. At Level 50, players have the option of Prestigeing that character.

When a player chooses to Prestige in Dead By Daylight, their character will be reset to Level 1 and a special bloodied version of their original clothing will be unlocked.


They lose all Perks, Items, Add-Ons, and Offerings, but their Teachable Perks are still available in the Bloodwebs of other characters. In Dead By Daylight, players can Prestige up to three times to obtain all three pieces of this special cosmetic set.

Prestige Level is an important aspect of DBD because it allows players to gain access to additional perks, equipment, and other goods. Players are rewarded with a “bloody” cosmetic piece with each prestige improvement, allowing them to make their character stand out.

Increasing your prestige level in DBD, however, has a direct impact on several of the game’s elements. Players with greater prestige levels, for example, have a better chance of discovering rarer goods in the Bloodweb.

In Dead By Daylight, increasing a character’s Bloodweb Prestige level can be tedious, but it will continue to encourage players to employ and level up their whole pool of Killers and Survivors. It could also be an opportunity for gamers to gain access to character-based accomplishments and trophies more quickly.


There are a few factors gamers should think over before deciding to Prestige. In Dead By Daylight, here’s how to raise a character’s prestige level.

 How Do You Raise A Character’s Prestige Level In Dead By Daylight

DBD Prestige

Players must attain Level 50 on a character in Dead By Daylight in order to Prestige them. This will necessitate them spending the Bloodpoints they earn each game on Perks, Items, Add-Ons, and Offerings for that character until the character’s Bloodweb is complete.

Most players will strive to get their characters to Level 40 as quickly as possible in order to acquire access to all Teachable variants of their unique Perks and have those Perks appear in other characters’ Bloodwebs for other loadouts.

Level 50 is a little more challenging because things in the Bloodweb are more expensive and there are more of them. Fortunately, in DBD, there is an effective approach to farm Bloodpoints that will help players get closer to obtaining some of these things.


A little gem will appear in the centre of the Bloodweb once players have levelled their character to Level 50 in DBD. Players do not need to complete the Level 50 Bloodweb and can instead Prestige their character by clicking that gem. Any unused Items, Add-Ons, or Offerings will be lost, and the character will be reset to Level 1 with only one Perk slot.

Players will find a bloodied version of the character’s default top in that character’s Inventory. They will obtain the bloodied version of their default bottoms the following time they Prestige the same character. They’ll get their bloodied face for the last time.

Level 50 characters typically have the rarest Perks and can earn more Bloodpoints per match. Players may wish to hold off on Prestigeing a character and instead use that character to obtain Bloodpoints. This can also be a good approach to make sure that all of the character’s greatest Items, Add-Ons, and Offerings aren’t wasted. Any Bloodpoints earned can then be used to level up another character to Level 50. They can now Prestige the first character and start farming Bloodpoints with and using the new Level 50 character’s goods.

In Dead By Daylight, increasing a character’s Prestige level increases the possibilities of Rare, Very Rare, or Ultra Rare goods spawning in their Bloodweb by a little amount at every level.


Rare items have a 10% increased probability of spawning at Prestige I. There is a 20% increase in the likelihood for Rare and Very Rare items to appear at Prestige II. At Prestige III, the likelihood of spawning Rare, Very Rare, and Ultra Rare items is increased by 30%, 20%, and 10%, respectively. While this is a modest change, it can make the journey to Prestige a character a little easier.

Dead By Daylight: Legacy Skins

Legacy skins are among the most coveted cosmetic items in DBD, as they are no longer available after the 1.3.0 Patch. Levering up characters and their prestige level has been more easier since the 1.3.0 release. Players who put in a lot of work before the patch were rewarded with an extra Legacy Prestige Clothing item for their efforts.

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