Death the Kid: Soul Eater, The Voice Actors Behind The Scenes

October 4, 2022
Death the Kid

Death the Kid: is a complicated character, and even some of his biggest fans might not know everything there is to know about him. In the Soul Eater series, Death the Kid, who is also just called Kid, is the Grim Reaper’s son.

As the Meister of the Demon Twin Guns, he is also a good shot. He’s been a student, a fighter, and even helped his father look into witchcraft cases. One day, he’ll take over his father’s job as the Grim Reaper.

Overall, Kid is a complicated character, and even some of his most devoted fans might not know everything about him. This includes what happens to him in the show, how he was made, his role in promotional materials, and even what the fans think of him.

Death the Kid’s name comes from Billy the Kid, a famous outlaw and gunfighter from the American Old West who was also known as Henry McCarty or William H. Bonney.

His role as a Meister of the Demon Twin Guns, also known as Liz and Patty Thompson, seems to be a reference to the historical figure, who was known as a gunfighter and died of a gunshot wound himself. Liz and Patty’s last names, on the other hand, may come from the Thompson submachine gun.

His flaw is that he is not even

Death the Kid

Kid is a perfectionist who always wants things to be the same on both sides. This can be used against him. He doesn’t want to attack anything he thinks is the same on both sides, even if it’s an opponent.

In the same way, he is easy to bring down by anything that makes him lose his balance, like cutting his hair. In a funny way, his asymmetrical hair is already giving him a lot of trouble. This is so strong that it even knocks him out.

In general, he is soft-hearted and fights in a way that can be used against him. He has said, though, that he is getting help to change these bad habits, which suggests that he will eventually stop doing these things. In particular, the manga shows how he learns to deal with his fears.

The situation with his family is hard

Kid was made from a piece of the Grim Reaper’s soul, who was his father. Death the Kid doesn’t seem to have a mother because of this. He has a lot of respect for his father and doesn’t like it when people say bad things about him.

Death the Kid can even look past the fact that his father isn’t perfect.Kid isn’t the Grim Reaper’s first son. His father also gave birth to Asura in a similar way. Asura became a personification of fear, and Kid was kind of made to fight against him. The two brothers don’t get along with each other.

He really likes people

Even though he’s proud of being a shinigami and even wants to take over his father’s job, he’s not arrogant about it and usually acts in a kind and responsible way.

He has shown some respect for and even faith in humans, and he even says that he is a shinigami made by human standards, which suggests he sees himself as part human.

His eyes are very strange

Even at first glance, Kid’s eyes look strange. There are two shades of gold or yellow around his pupil, which may show that he has a supernatural connection.

But in his Grim Reaper form, which is basically his “true form,” his eyes are really different.

He knows how to use a skateboard very well

As a shinigami, he has a lot of powers, and one of them is that he can call up his Beelzebub-named skateboard whenever he wants. He can ride it like a normal skateboard, but he can also use it to attack in battle.

He can fly with it, keep it in the air, or even use it to attack. During his “Tornado Flip” move, he can even cut things like rope with it.

He likes to wear cloaks

Kid usually likes to look sharp, so he wears suits most of the time. However, he has also been shown to have a soft spot for cloaks. When his father, the Grim Reaper, sends him on missions, he wears a similar cloak and sometimes adds a mask to finish the look. But this cloak doesn’t have any of the abilities or powers that his father’s cloak does.

Even though it doesn’t give him any power, he wears it because he likes it. So, when his father dies, he wears his cloak, which gives him all of its powers, like repairing or changing itself.

He doesn’t care much about his own space.When obsessed, he loses all awareness of personal space and bounds.

He has shown this habit in different ways, like by grabbing people and walking up to them while they are bathing. Even when he shows up in Soul Eater Not!, he gets right in Tsugumi’s face to fix her hair.

He has some music

In the anime, Kid is the subject of a lot of songs. “So Crazy,” which has a lot of R&B influences from the 1990s, is a song that a lot of people think of as his theme song. One of his other songs, “Bang!

Have a Nice Dream,” is a hip-hop song with a lot of harmonica. The song’s title is made up of eight words, which is probably a nod to the fact that eight is Kid’s favourite number.

“Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube” is another character song that pairs him with Liz and Patty. This song might be more influenced by J-pop than his other songs.

Fans love him very much.

In two official surveys, around Chapter 53 and Chapter 100, Soul Eater characters were ranked by popularity.

Kid was the most popular character with fans in the first official poll, and that popularity didn’t change at all by the time the second poll came around. He was still the most popular character.

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