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Debra Jeter: Everything About ​​​​​Kiersten And Kelsey Jeter Murder Case


​​​​​Kiersten Jeter, although not yet dead, is still alive. Debra Jeter, her mother, attempted to kill Kiersten. Kiersten has lived her life in complete privacy since the incident.

Debra Jeter is currently in prison for stabbing her children, Kelsey (12 years old) and Kiersten (13 years old), in an abandoned Hillsboro, Texas home. Kiersten survived, but Kelsey was killed in the attack on her sister. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

Who is Kiersten Jeter?Debra jeter

Debra Janelle Jeter (or Debra Jeter) is an American mother. She is also known for her attacks on her daughters, Kelsey Jeter (12 years old), and Kiersten Jeter (12 years). Debra attacked and assaulted Kelsey Jeter’s daughter, killing her. This left Kiersten Jeter severely injured.

According to internet reports, the tragic incident occurred on June 5, 2009. Debra Jeter was born Debra Janelle Jeanter in 1954 in her native country, the United States of America. She should have celebrated her 68th Birthday in 2022. She was 33 years of age when she committed the crime which led to her being sentenced for life imprisonment.

What happened to Kiersten Jeter?

The internet went wild after news of Debra’s attack against her children spread on the 5th June 2009. Kelsey Jeter’s younger sister Kelsey Jeter is the biological mother to Kiersten Jeter. Debra, the aforementioned, attacked and physically assaulted her daughters. This led to Kelsey’s death.

Kelsey was 12 years old at the time, while Kiersten was 13. Kelsey was killed, but Kiersten survived.

Kiersten claimed Debra Jeter had physically abused her.

Debra Jeter was accused of physically abusing her daughter Kiersten in 2004. After her admission to a mental hospital, the charges were dropped. Her husband, Lester Lee Jeter filed court proceedings for a divorce from her wife while she was in mental health therapy. The divorce proceedings were completed in May 2009.

Debra, who was unhappy about the separation, attempted suicide on 22 May 2009 in front her daughters. She had been married to Lester for 17 years. Debra claimed that the divorce had made her mentally worse, which she was already managing. She was therefore taken back to a mental healthcare center where she stayed for a while.

Lester obtained a temporary order of restraining and was granted temporary custody while Debra was in the hospital. According to Leser Lee, his plea in court documents states that he sought to protect the safety of the children and any other family violence victims. However, Debra was discharged by a judge and allowed to visit her children unsupervised by a judge.

The Attempted Murder Incident occurred in 2009

Debra Jater expressed concern about the horrific incident and made plans for her to visit her daughters. Her ex-husband drove her children home on Friday, 5th June 2009, the first day of a court order.

According reports, Kiersten, and Kelsey (their sister), were delighted to see their mother after a “15-day absence”. Debra told Lester, her now-divorced husband, that she had planned surprise trips for her children. She drove to Milford just before Route 35.

According reports, Debra attacked her older child Kiersten with a knife. Kiersten attempted to defend her younger sister, but she was unsuccessful. Kelsey’s mother then stabbed her in the back. Debra returned to Kiersten, who was still struggling with her life.

She also cut her neck on the other side. However, Kiersten was conscious and alert and asked for help. Debra called police three hours later to report the situation and said that Debra had “just killed my children.” 

She did not offer to help her daughter. Instead she panicked and called for an ambulance. Jeter tried to defend her self by saying she didn’t have a gun and that she didn’t want to get shot by the police.

Debra Jeter sentenced to life imprisonment

Debra Jeter, the only suspect in the incident was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole on the 27th May 2010. In a plea agreement, she admitted to attempted capital murder and capital crime.

Debra was present at the court hearing but Kiersten Jeter was not required to testify. This was due to the plea agreement, which avoided the possibility of death sentences. Debra was charged with the attempted murder of Kiersten Leigh Jeter (13 years old) and the first-degree murder Kelsey Leanne Jeter (12 years).

Debra was found guilty by a Texas judge. Jeter, however, claimed she was heartbroken by her divorce and custody battles. She is alive today and has already served her sentence.

Where is Kiersten Jeter now?

Kiersten was flown to the hospital for emergency surgery immediately after the police arrived at the crime scene. Although she survived the attack, it was very sad that Kelsey didn’t survive. There have been many questions about Kiersten’s location and whether she is still breathing.

Yes, Kierste is still alive. However, there are no reliable details about whereabouts or what she is doing. After the horrific incident, the victim who survived has remained out of the spotlight. Although the time has passed, many still find it difficult to deal with this tragedy.


Q. What did Debra Jeter do to her children?

A. She had “just killed her children,” authorities said. The 12-year-old, Kelsey, was found dead inside the house, and her 13-year-old sister, Kiersten, was found injured in a bedroom.

Q. Is Deborah Jeter still alive?

A. Debra Jeter is currently serving her prison term.

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