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Detailed Luxury Living Guide to Arabian Ranches


Being one of the first villa communities in Dubai, this is a highly popular neighborhood and sought-after by residents and expats. Arabian Ranches boasts landscapes, villas and a long list of amenities. It is an established community including only villas. It’s spread out across 1,650 acres. 

Arabian Ranches mostly attracts families and couples who want to live a lucrative lifestyle. This suburban neighborhood contains beautiful gardens, attractive residencies and so much more. This development feels very far from Dubai because it is surrounded by lush greenery and a family friendly environment. Keep reading to find out more about this community. 

Public Transportation

  • RTA buses transports to and from the Mall of the Emirates
  • The nearest Dubai Metro station operates from and to Sharaf DG, Mall of the Emirates and First Abu Dhabi Bank. 
  • RTA taxis are available at the community’s retail center and The Ranches Souk

Distance by car from Arabian Ranches

Situated between Emirates Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road, the following locations can be reached from the community:

  • To go to Dubai Media City: 21 minutes
  • To Mall of the Emirates: 19 minutes
  • To Midriff: 25 minutes
  • To Jebel Ali: 31 minutes
  • To Dubai International Airport: 23 minutes
  • To Downtown Dubai: 24 minutes

Amenities and facilities

For people who are residing in or are new to the community, the following public services and amenities are provided inside the Arabian Ranches:

  1. Mosques
  2. Carrefour supermarkets
  3. Tennis, skate park, volleyball, walking trails, and basketball courts
  4. A combination of fine dining and casual choices
  5. High school and nurseries
  6. Pharmacies, travel agencies, pet shops and printers
  7. Nail spas and hair salons in the town centers and the community
  8. The Gift Box for cards, home products and presents
  9. Community parks, children’s playgrounds, and swimming pools
  10. Dubai Polo, Arabian Ranches Golf Club and Equestrian Club

Arabian Ranches boasts its own community center which offers facilities and supermarkets. Whatever the residents of Arabian Ranches require for a decent daily life, they can easily get access to it such as pharmacies, salons, medical clinics and banks. 

When it comes to educational institutions, an English speaking school and a few other nurseries are also present within the community. Other schools are also found in the nearby areas which only need a short drive. 

The residents of Arabian Ranches can eat delicious food at a few restaurants and cafes. People usually come here to catch up with friends, evening out with their spouse or a pick-me-up while going to work. As for health needs, clinics and dentists are available in Downtown Dubai. 


Arabian Ranches is a secured, self-contained and self-sufficient gated community. The residents of this neighborhood feel a strong sense of community. Popular roads of Dubai can be easily accessible from Arabian Ranches such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed road, Umm Suqeim and Emirates road. 

This gated community is home to a world-class golf course. Arabian Ranches is not overly lucrative but it exudes a vibe of approachable luxury. This community is highly recommended by young children, families and even the four-legged furry friends. 

Expats love living here due to the amenities and lifestyle the Arabian Ranches offers. The unique lifestyle in Arabian Ranches is “steeped in the mystery and splendor of the desert.” It is far away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai. The residents of Arabian Ranches have built their own peaceful sense of belonging and a smooth pace. 

Other types of people living here are professional couples and families. Growing families who want to be settled in Dubai frequently buy or rent properties here too. All properties are landscaped. All sub-communities boast their own BBQ space, swimming pool and more. 

If you love equestrian activities or golf, you should definitely live in this place. Even single people who want proximity to the beach or want a community closer to the beach can settle hee. 

Properties for rent and sale in Arabian Ranches

The average rental costs of this community are:

  • A 2 bedroom villa or townhouse: AED 140,000
  • A 3 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 160,000
  • A 4 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 195,000
  • A 5 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 240,000
  • A 6 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 280,000

The average sales price for properties of this community are:

  • A 2 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 1,900,000
  • A 3 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 2,990,000
  • A 4 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 3,850,000
  • A 5 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 4,700,000
  • A 6 bedroom villa or a townhouse: AED 5,750,000


There are more than 4,000 residential properties in Arabian Ranches. All sub-communities are known as Hattan villas, Alma, Mirador La Colecciòn, Alvorada, La Avenida, Al Mahra, Palmera, Al Reem, Mirador, Terra Nova, Savannah and Saheel. 

In the latest Arabian Ranches 2, more sub-communities are added which are Rosa, CASA, Azalea, The Golf Homes, Assel, Lila, Yasmin, Rasha, Polo Homes and Samara. All these sub-communities provide an upscale living for expats and locals. 

The architecture of  both Arabian Ranches and Arabian Ranches 2 are inspired by Arabian and Mediterranean styles. The layout and structure of each residential property varies from each other. A private swimming pool, maid’s room and more rooms are arranged in different ways. 

Noise level

There is typically no disturbance, noise pollution or anything of that sort in the Arabian Ranches. Only the sound of daily living such as meeting in the parks, swimming in the pool, and the usual sports sounds of tennis or basketball are commonly heard which do not cause trouble. 

Arabian Ranches is a serene and peaceful community which hears no loud noise. However, exceptions always exist and in this case, the annual 24th race at Motors city’s Autodrome creates some noise as well as any event occurring in a nearby sub-communities. It is gated and landscaped and shielded from the city’s roads. 

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