Watch Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor Brawl Video: The KSI Punch Goes Viral

November 28, 2022
Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor Brawl Video

Watch Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor Brawl Video: After punching Dillon Danis with a MMA boxer , Anthony Taylor became the headlines following Friday’s Misfits Boxing x DAZN series 003 weigh ins in Austin, Texas.

During an impromptu stardown, Danis and KSI got into it. Things got wild, with beverages being thrown and contact made before the fight was finally separated. Shortly after, video was captured of Taylor walking to the parking lot and challenging Danis to a fight. After breaking through a group trying separate them, Taylor made a viral right-hand to the face Danis.

Taylor spoke with MMA Fighting about why he decided to confront Danis. He also revealed that Danis was not only playing with social media and influencer boxes, but also with reporters covering the event.

Taylor said that Dillon Danis was just coming in and was being a bully. He picks on reporters and acts tough with his MMA friends or whoever the hell he is with. He was acting tough, acting like he couldn’t be touched, because he’s the jiu jitsu champion and nobody’s going fight him.

After Danis asked if he would like to be choked out, KSI assured Danis that he could take out the jiu jitsu specialist. Danis threw a soft left hand at KSI, causing chaos to ensue. He could be heard saying, “Do it now!”

Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor Brawl VideoDillon Danis and Anthony Taylor Brawl Video

Although it is rare for something like this to happen once, it is not uncommon for it to happen again within a short time. Anthony Taylor, a former Bellator fighter and now a boxer attacked Danis in footage taken by IFL TV at the weigh-in. Taylor eventually got past the men who were holding him back, and punched Danis in the face. This started another altercation.

Danis hasn’t fought in a cage for more than three years. As a Bellator fighter, he is now 2-0 and has submitted two times.

The Fight Between The Two

Conor McGregor’s friend, former Bellator fighter Dillon Danis, suffered a serious injury to his eye in a chaotic incident. YouTubers’ Misfits Series III weigh-ins were held in a conference room in an Austin, Texas hotel. KSI, along with a few other celebrity fighters, arrived at that moment. Danis emerged from the crowd and attacked KSI. On video, the two men exchange verbal threats and jabs before Danis knocks KSI’s head off and pours cold coffee into his face.

KSI tried to follow Danis, but was stopped by the police. As this was going on, Danis and his team fled the area and then the hotel. Anthony Taylor, a former Bellator fighter shouted at Danis for following KSI. He then tried to punch him repeatedly.

Taylor launched a devastating attack after striking Danis with the right hand. Everything went crazy and everyone started throwing punches at one another. One of Danis’ friends had a bleeding lip after a strike to his lips. After some time, violence subsided and calm returned. Danis assured the cameraman present on the scene that he was fine.

Brawls Involved The Duos Before

It is nothing new for Danis and Taylor to engage in antics during boxing events. Taylor recently got into a street fight before a Floyd Mayweather celebrity boxing match in Dubai, while Danis just had a fight with Nate Diaz at UFC 281.

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