Sean Spicer gets an Olive Branch from Dippin’ Dots

October 31, 2022

dippin dotsSean Spicer waged an unending war for years. Before he was fired as White House press secretary for Donald Trump, Spicer vented his fury at Dippin’ Dots. This frozen treat, which their maker described as “tiny beads” of ice cream, came long before he had fought with reporters.

A series of tweets from 2010 and 2015 by Mr. Spicer claimed that Dippin’ Dots was not, despite their slogan, the ice cream company of the future.

One tweet was a link to an article in The Wall Street Journal about the 2011 bankruptcy of Dippin’ Dots. Mr. Spicer shared it as if to say “See?” You’re not the only one.

Others think you aren’t the ice cream of tomorrow.” (The company reorganized its debt and stayed in business. It continued selling its product.

Dippin Dots, I believe I’ve said it before, aren’t the ice cream of tomorrow

Sean Spicer (@seanspicer September 22, 2011

However, it seems that Spicer only eats beaded ice cream occasionally: In 2015, Spicer tweeted at the corporate Twitter account of the company to complain about a lack of vanilla-flavored Dippin’ Dots at Nationals Park in Washington.

Twitter users discovered tweets about Mr. Spicer’s private battle against Dippin’ Dots. This was after Mr. Spicer gathered reporters to complain at the White House about their reporting regarding the size of Mr. Trump’s inauguration crowd. William Hughes is a writer at A.V. Club wrote Sunday that Mr. Spicer’s Saturday news briefing was “a test by fire”.

“Could he manage to give a five-minute speech before the press without slipping into an attack on his archenemy Dippin’ Dots The Ice Cream Of The Future?” Hughes asked.

Yes, it was. Dippin’ Dots wasn’t going to take chances. Monday was Monday’s day when Dippin’ Dots felt obliged to address Mr. Spicer’s long-standing public disapproval of its product. It posted an “Open Letter To Sean Spicer” on the company’s website, asking for a truce.

Scott Fischer, chief executive of the company, wrote that “We’ve been reading your tweets and would prefer to be friends than foes.” We believe in connecting the dots.”

He also offered to send free Dippin’ Dots to the White House, saying that the company could afford to treat the White House’s press corps and press corps to an ice-cream social and promising that they could provide all their favorite flavors.

Trump’s large social media network — more than 21,000,000 followers on his personal account on Twitter — has been used by Trump to criticize corporations. He attacked Boeing in December, which sent its stock price down approximately 1 percent.

With that in mind, Mr. Fischer made sure to stress that Dippin’ dots was a growing and successful company that was based in the United States.

He wrote, “As you may know, Dippin’ Dots are manufactured in Kentucky by hundreds hardworking Americans in America’s heartland.” This means that we are creating opportunities and jobs. That’s what we hear.

Billie Stuber spokeswoman for the company and said that it responded because it was easy to be pulled into an inappropriate conversation inadvertently.

Ms. Stuber stated that the company wants to “remain transparent and authentic with its message” in response of Mr. Spicer’s online negativity.

She later stated, “The truth is, we are ice cream.” “We are all about having fun and enjoying fun experiences. Our response to this or any other situation should reflect who we are.”

Mr. Spicer is not just passionate about Dippin’ Dots.

He told The Washington Post in 2016 that he chews many pieces of cinnamon-flavored gum every day and swallows each one whole.

According to Mr. Spicer, “Two and a half packs by noon.” “I spoke to my doctor about it and he said it’s not a problem.”

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