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Does Sasuke Love Sakura? – Here Is Complete Story


Yes, Sasuke has feelings for Sakura. He was too preoccupied with defeating Itachi as a child to notice her, but the two eventually became friends in their late teens.

Now that they’re both adults, Sasuke is more upfront about his feelings for Sakura.

Does Sasuke have feelings for Sakura?

Does Sasuke Love SakuraLet’s look at a few examples of Sasuke’s affection for Sakura. We’ll begin with the original series and progress to the current generation.

Sakura begs Sasuke not to leave the village in search of power from Orochimaru in Chapter #181.

She tries to persuade him by reminiscing about all of their Genin missions with Naruto.

Sasuke still dismisses her, although he does say “Thank you” before departing.

It’s not much, but it’s one of the first times Sasuke acknowledges Sakura’s concern for his well-being.

You may also include the Chunin Exam Arc, where Sakura’s embrace was the only thing that kept Sasuke’s out-of-control curse mark form under control.

Nobody knows exactly how Sasuke proposed to Sakura. Many of the original Naruto cast members married during the time before Boruto premiered, but details on how some of the couples met are few.

Sakura does marry Sasuke, but there isn’t much information on the wedding. After he returned to the village, it happened.

In the New Generation, Sasuke is in love with Sakura.

Let’s fast forward to the present day. Sasuke and Sakura had their only child, Sarada, during the time gap between the end of Naruto Shippuden and the beginning of Boruto.

Sasuke was frequently away from the town on special operations missions, with little time to return.

Sakura was frequently left wondering about her husband’s whereabouts. She was just aware that he was touring the globe in order to keep the community in peace.

Sarada, Sasuke’s daughter, introduced him to Sakura. Sarada brings the couple closer together, and Sasuke enjoys being at home more when she is there.

Sasuke returned home for the Chunin Exams to watch his daughter compete. Following that, he resolves to make a greater effort to be present in the hamlet.

He realised how many missed family possibilities he had unnecessarily pushed aside.

Sasuke makes a greater effort to get to know his daughter in a couple anime-only Boruto arcs. Sarada and her mother, Sakura, get themselves into a pickle, and Sasuke is forced to intervene.

He discovers that Sakura is fully capable of looking after herself, and he remarks that she is tough and that he has never been concerned about her safety.

That’s all there is to it. Sasuke loves Sakura, but the tough veneer he’s developed over the years hides it.

Sakura’s strength and ability to fend for herself are respected by Sasuke, and their daughter Sarada serves to bring the couple closer together over the course of the next generation.

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