Dormamoo VS Galactus: Who Made Marvel’s Most Villain?

February 24, 2022
Dormammu VS Galactus

Dormammu VS Galactus: Who would prevail in a combat between Dormammu and Galactus, two of Marvel’s most terrifying villains? The solution can be found in their humorous histories.

There are many formidable adversaries in Marvel, but few can compare to Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds, and Dormammu, Lord of the Dark Dimension.

Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, both creatures have demonstrated their immense power on numerous occasions. Dormammu is the Sorcerer Supreme’s sworn opponent, having repeatedly given the Marvel Universe’s most powerful magic-users a run for their money.

Galactus is a primordial creature capable of devouring entire worlds in order to satisfy his cosmic hunger. While both villains are formidable foes for any Marvel hero, it turns out that one is significantly more powerful than the other.

Dormammu VS Galactus is a god of his own world.

Dormammu VS Galactus

Dormammu is the god of his own world and the keeper of the Dark Dimension, and he’s on a quest to spread his tainted magic throughout the multiverse.

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, has generally been successful in restraining the adversary, although mostly by deception or clever use of his magic rather than direct force. Doctor Strange reaches the level of the Ancient One in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

1 #36, and after the demon threatens to take over the cosmos once more, he challenges Dormammu to a cosmic combat. Their struggle rages across the cosmos, culminating in Doctor Strange’s ultimate defeat, demonstrating Dormammu’s mastery over the universe’s most powerful sorcerer at the time.

Galactus is older than the Marvel Universe itself, having come from an alternate universe. He united with Metatron’s pure cosmic might at the end of his own universe to become an essential component of the very cycle of existence. Galactus’ power level is legendary, but it’s a power that needs to be fed on a regular basis by eating entire planets.

Galactus is responsible for the deaths of billions of life forms throughout the universe, however their unwitting sacrifices may be justified in light of Galactus’ grander acts and purpose. Galactus will utilise his power to oversee the birth of the next universe, and it has been revealed that he is the only thing preventing the emergence of Abraxas, the spirit of destruction.

Even when dealing with other problems like taking on groups of Celestials or trying to drive back the Annihilation Wave, Galactus is continually battling a godlike evil entity with enough power to level all of existence.

Marvel solves the mystery of what occurs when Galactus and Dormammu collide in the fan favourite issue Doctor Strange #15 by Barry Kitson and Mark Waid with Scott Koblish and Brian Reber. Galactus is sent to Dormammu’s Dark Dimension in this issue, where he swallows a planet that exists there.

Galactus absorbs energy that is different from his own realm, granting him magical abilities in addition to his already existing Power Cosmic, because the order of that universe is driven by chaos magic rather than science.

Dormammu organised Galactus’ power increase in order for him to utilise the Devourer of Worlds as a weapon to rule over all of creation, but when Galactus discovers Dormammu’s deception, he consumes the demon, demonstrating that he is the greater threat.

Both powerhouses draw power from their respective universes – which is why Dormammu is always attempting to connect Earth and the Dark Dimension – so this match-up would logically depend on where the battle takes place, but Marvel proved with the release of Doctor Strange #15 that even if Galactus is fighting the Dread Dormammu in the Dark Dimension, he is both stronger than the demon and able to adopt magical qualities in order to absorb energy in this alien.

Outside of the Dark Dimension, Galactus would easily destroy Dormammu, but it turns out that even on Dormammu’s turf, he retains his power and has the ability to become even stronger. Galactus isn’t so much a villain as a force of nature in the Marvel Universe, giving him the upper hand over Dormammu no matter where their combat takes place.

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