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Dream Face Leak: Was Fake – What Did He Say? [ Upcoming News ]


Dream Face Leak: This week, the Dream took to Twitter to clarify that the leaked ‘face reveals’ that went viral on Twitter was a hoax.

Thousands of Dream followers went crazy on Twitter on Wednesday (June 10th) after a photograph claiming to be a real photo of the YouTuber surfaced.

Dream is a ‘VTuber,’ or ‘Virtual YouTuber,’ which means he has never displayed his face online and utilises a virtual avatar.

Dream has clarified that the image was not of him on his own Twitter account. Here’s what he had to say…

The Viral ‘Face Reveal’ Was Fake, As Dream Confirms

Dream Face Leak

Dream used his private Twitter account @DreamHangout on Thursday, June 11th, to debunk a viral photograph claiming to be of him.

Dream verified the image was a hoax in a tweet, writing:

“Those who dislike me go to great lengths to explain their hatred. Hating on the appearance of ‘leaked Dream face!!’ isn’t the major win you think it is. Since I started watching YouTube, I’ve watched it twice a day. It’s dangerous, disgusting, and stupid.”

Many people began body shaming the guy in the photo after the bogus ‘face reveal’ went viral on Twitter, which is what Dream was referring to.

“Death threats, suicide encouragement, and harassment isn’t the tremendous win they think it is either,” Dream added in a second tweet. “Faking screenshots or articles isn’t one of them.”

“Twitter may be a bizarre place at times, with a lot of hate and hostility. Remember to spread positivity and love. “Just keep smilin’,” he said.

On His Public Twitter, He Posted Another Fake ‘Face Reveal.’

Dream opted to keep things lighter on his public Twitter after exposing his actual feelings on his private Twitter.

“Decided to face expose…,” he wrote. Please be courteous:/” The prospect of seeing his genuine face has enthralled viewers once more.

When you look at the linked photograph, though, you’ll notice that it’s just a computer-generated snapshot of a random male. Dream, thank you for revealing yet another fictitious race!

Body-Shamers With Fake ‘Face Reveal’ Body-Shamers Slammed By Fans

People are still slamming individuals who ‘fat shamed’ the man in the photo on Twitter.

“I’m only saying that with the false Dream face leak, some of you demonstrated your fatphobia.” It’s as though you’ve been waiting to let it all out for a long time. As a result, please think about yourself!” one individual wrote.

“I understand why a lot of faceless YouTubers don’t reveal their faces,” another added. The ‘fabricated dream leak’ and its reactions are both terrible. Also, keep in mind that there is a genuine person in that shot, even if it isn’t Dream himself. “Y’all are a bunch of jerks.”

“What irritated me the most was when Dream antis used a picture of a random kid and claimed it was Dream’s face reveal.” According to a third source, their fatphobia surfaced, and they began assaulting Dream for “being a catfish,” according to a third source. “They then began posting phoney tweets.”

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