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When Minecraft streamer Dream Face Reveal disclosed his plan


Dream Face Reveal is one of the all-time great Minecraft gamers and content makers. His insane gameplay and viral videos are praised by the Minecraft community and the rest of the internet. Dream’s face stays hidden behind his iconic smiling mask, even after being in the spotlight.

In February 2021, another well-known YouTuber named Kavos interviewed the Minecraft streamer. In his second interview with Kavos, the dream spoke extensively about his stans and fans. Later, though, they discussed Dream’s long-awaited facial reveal.

In an interview, Minecraft broadcaster Dream discussed his intentions for the face reveal

Dream Face Reveal

They arrived at the question of whether Dream would do a fan meet-up when he exposed his face after a lengthy discussion regarding some of Dream’s toxic stans.

Dream responds by expressing his love for his followers and how much he is looking forward to it. Dream agreed with Kavos that meeting the fans after the face reveal would be better. The dream also discussed the possibility of a surprise face reveals at the meet-up.

Following that, Kavos asked the long-awaited question of when Dream would reveal his face. At 19 minutes 56 seconds, Dream responded:

After that, Dream tells how he has other plans for his face once the Corona pandemic has passed. He discusses his best friend and fellow Minecraft player, GeorgeNotFound, and how he plans to introduce himself when he visits the United States. At 20 minutes and 18 seconds into the interview, he says:

GeorgeNotFound is a good friend of Dream’s, and he appears in all of Dream’s videos. As a result, when he meets up with GeorgeNotFound, he wants to show his face.

Dream later stated that he would not show his face in a YouTube video and that a proper meet-up and event would be held instead. Dream disagreed with Kavos‘ prediction that the face reveals video would gain a lot of views, saying at 21 minutes 4 seconds into the interview:

Finally, when asked if he would perform Minecraft videos and streams using a face cam, Dream ruled out the possibility. Later, he sounded perplexed about his plans, and he still hasn’t determined what he’ll do if his identity is revealed.

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