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Dreams Face: his popularity and more in candid interview


To the joy of fans worldwide, Minecraft star Dreams Face recently appeared in a passionate and honest chat with prominent YouTuber Anthony Padilla.

Anthony Padilla of “Smosh” fame recently sat down with the 21-year-old faceless superstar for a hilarious and profoundly unforgettable chat.

The latter’s latest YouTube video centered on a candid conversation with one of the biggest names in Minecraft and the area of streaming, Dream, who is known for his popular “I spent a day” series.

Dreams Face Conversation with the Candidate

Dreams Face

The faceless sensation’s poignant conversation with the YouTuber was full of heartfelt admissions about his meteoric rise to fame, his journey as a Minecraft streamer thus far, and the baggage that comes with being a virtual behemoth in today’s digital world.

The simmering hype surrounding the Dream x Anthony Padilla chat gloriously erupted on Twitter moments after it was released, with dozens of followers coming to the site to shout about the same.

Minecraft streamer Dream wins hearts online, interview

Dream’s recent engagement with Anthony Padilla resulted in amusing and informative disclosures about the anonymous streamer’s persona outside of Minecraft.

From discussing the beginnings of his successful Manhunt series to his comments on the Dream SMP’s appeal,

Anthony Padilla’s most recent interview offered an inside look into the lives of one of today’s most successful content makers.

When asked about his meteoric rise in popularity, Dream said,

I don’t think I blew up because of my fantastic personality or because of my good looks! I believe I blew up as a result of my ideas, their quality, and execution, rather than my personality.”

In addition to answering the million-dollar issue of a pending dreams face reveal, he explained how his moniker and signature blob icon came to be:

I believe it was just Sapnap and me. We were spitballing names on the phone, and I came up with ‘Dream On,’ a la Aerosmith, then morphed it into just Dream.

My fiancée, at the time, the blob character, created similar Discord profile photos (this was around four years ago). They’re extremely close to how my blob now appears.”

I just blew up so rapidly, and it became a part of me, much like the fan art and community. It wasn’t a deliberate move, but rather an accident. It was almost like the ideal storm. There are only a few. Obviously, Sapnap and I share a home. My closest friends and family, I’d think, are aware.”

Being a well-known face on the internet has advantages and disadvantages, and Dream is no stranger to controversy and criticism.

In reaction to the frequent criticism he receives on the internet, he stated

“The biggest disadvantage, in my opinion, is not being able to express oneself fully. I want to do things like go out and meet people as you can.

My ambition is to make the most of it! I want to do it with my friends, and in a way that everyone can participate, I’m thinking of organizing a meet-up or some event. My appearance has nothing to do with what I’m saying “.

It’s difficult when people say things like that or use it as an excuse to criticize my character or accomplishments. That’s one of the drawbacks of exploding so quickly: criticism comes in waves.”

Dream’s freewheeling conversation with Anthony Padilla made for fascinating viewing, from calling TommyInnit a “jerk” to expressing how his secret identity makes him feel like Hannah Montana.

Here are some of the fan reactions to Dream’s latest performance alongside Anthony Padilla on social media:

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