Drifblim Weakness: Best Move-set Counters And Evolution

September 17, 2022
Drifblim Weakness

Drifblim Weakness: is a rare type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Drifblim, a rare Pokemon, can be countered by a lot powerful Pokemon in battles or boss fights. The gameplay of this game is unique in that players must get out of their homes and explore their cities in order to catch Pokemon.

To catch powerful Pokemon, players can go to exotic places like forests, hills, and factors. This game is unique in that it encourages people to get active. Drifblim is one of the most powerful and versatile Pokemon in the game. It can be used to counter many powerful Pokemon. Continue reading to learn more about Drifblim’s weaknesses and best moves.

Pokemon Go Drifblim

Drifblim Weakness

Drifblim, a bizarre balloon-shaped Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Go, is Drifblim. Drifblim isn’t the most powerful Pokemon, but it has many abilities that can counter other powerful Pokemon. In case of encountering powerful opponents, it is a good idea to have an upgraded Brifblim on your Pokedex. To maximize the potential of your Drifblim, you can create a team around him.

Drifblim Weakness & Counters

Drifblim is not as strong against Dark, Electric Ghost, Ice, and Rock Type Pokemon. These types of Pokemon can be defeated if Drifblim is played well with other Pokemon in your group. Drifblim, on the other hand, can defeat many types of Pokemon such as Fighting, Bug and Ground, Normal, NormalGrass, and Poison-type Pokemon.

Drifblim Best Movest

2 are fast, 4 are heavy or charged moveset. These moveset can be used in battle against other Pokemon and raids. Shadow Ball, Drifblim’s most powerful attack, does 100 damage and takes 55 energy.

Quick Moves

  • Astonish – 5 Damage and 3 Energy per Turn (1.6 damage per Turn)
  • Hex – 6 Damage, and 4 Energy per Turn (2 damage per Turn).
  • Charge/Heave moves
  • Ice wind – 60 damage, 45 energy (100% chance to lower the opponent’s attack by 1 rank)
  • Ominous wind – 45 Damage and 45 Energy (5% chance to increase the user’s attack or defence by 2 ranks).
  • Shadowball – 55 energy and 100 damage

Drifblim Evolution

Briflim, a Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon, was introduced in Generation IV. There are two types of evolution for the Pokemon. Drifloon is the first stage of the Pokemon. Drifloon transforms into Drifblim when Drifloon is given resources such as Pokemon candy. Keep checking back for more information on Pokemon Go and gaming.


Drifblim is a Pokemon with a large, spherical purple body. The lower quarter of its body is a lighter purple. Its body is separated by a semicircle pattern that repeats around it. A puffy white mass at the top of its head looks almost like a cloud.

The center of the body has a large, yellow “X”, and the small, red eyes are located on each side just above that “X”. The lower part of the body has four long, thin arms running diagonally in four directions. The tips of its arms are yellow with three small points. Its bottom narrows into a red extrusion with a slight outward fan.

Drifblim can lift Pokemon and people, but it has no control over its flight. It drifts with the wind, and can end up anywhere. To control its altitude, it can inflate or deflate itself using gas. It is usually quiet during the day, but it can be seen gathering in groups in the evenings.

Drifblim can often be seen drifting quietly at dusk. The groups will disappear to unknown places when they are noticed. Drifblim is a parasite of Clamperl. People have written songs and poems about Drifblim because they love its melancholy, transient aspect.

Major appearances

Fantina’s Drifblim

Fantina owned Drifblim, which made its series debut in Playing The Leveling Field! It was created from Drifloon during a battle against Ash’s Pikachu. It was seen again in A Shield with a Twist! where it defeated Ash’s Pikachu, Buizel, and lost to Chimchar.


Drifblim made its debut in The Rise of Darkrai. It floated around Alamos Town as a scout to Tonio, allowing him to conduct scientific analyses of the entire city.

PK18: Buizel escaped from Meowth’s cronies by grabbing a Drifblim. After being attacked by a Registeel, Meowth’s group was forced to keep more Drifblim.

Foggy Pokemon Orienteering! Ash used multiple Drifblims to cross a gorge to reach Bonnie, who was asleep on the opposite side.

Minor appearances

  • A Drifblim viewed Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade concert.
  • In I Choose You!, three Drifblim were featured.
  • A Mismagius creates illusions of Drifblim in A Haunted House for Everyone!
  • Nightfall: Multiple Drifblim? Nightmares!.


Drifblim evolves from Drifloon and is a Ghost & Flying Pokemon. It is susceptible to Dark, Ghost, Electric and Ice moves. Hex & Shadow Ball is Drifblim’s strongest moveset and has a Max CP 2,382.

For the Chart, remember to Float Down

I have added a Drifblim strength chart at the bottom. This chart has been updated for Shining Pearl and Brilliant Diamond, so it is completely up-to date and ready to be used.

What are Drifblim Weaks Against?

This guide will cover Drifblim’s defense Drifblim is a Ghost Flying type. This means that it has both the weaknesses and resistances.

Drifblim Immunities (Ground, Normal, Fighting)

Drifblim, as you can see, is immune to all three types of moves. Ghost-type Pokemon are ineligible for Fighting and Normal moves.

Flying-type Pokemon are immune to Ground-type moves. Drifblim is the most immune Pokemon in any Pokemon games because of this type-pairing.

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