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Dumb And Dumber Billboard Featured Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Splitting Netizen Opinion



Dumb And Dumber Billboard: Online, a billboard featuring images of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris has become a viral sensation.

A billboard with US President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris, has gone viral on the internet. This is for reasons that the US leaders are not very happy about.

The billboard shows the image of the leaders with text that describes them as “Dumb & Dumber”. The font used to write the text is identical to the one used in Dumb and Dumber (1994 movie starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels). Political memes utilise this font.


A user going by the name Patriot Talks shared the image and wrote: “Dumbest spent cash on this sign.” JonCover2, another Twitterati, shared the image along with a two-word description: “Found it.” – and a laughing Emoji.

Over 14,000 people liked and retweeted JonCover2’s tweet. Patriot Talks shared the post and it received more than 847 likes.

Mixed reactions to Biden-Harris’ ‘Dumb and Dumber’ billboard

Dumb And Dumber Billboard

Some people found the billboard amusing, but others were more critical and called it distasteful.

One commenter wrote, “I know exactly where that is.” It is located in the woods about half a mile from the highway. It’s believed to be a Real Estate sign.


It looks like no one lives near this sign. It’s hidden is my favorite. ” (sic)” wrote another user.

One person who found the posts offensive wrote: “These are your elected leaders. If that’s possible, we should reach a new low.

Another user said, “They would not have any problem with this administration, if they didn’t dethrone the king.”

“This is someone’s vanity project. “It doesn’t serve any purpose, except they enjoy driving by,” wrote a third user.


The viral billboard sparked a mix of opinions, as expected. One person tweeted “I’d suggest about 81,000,000 people may disagree.”

Another said: “It looks like nobody lives near that almost hidden sign. It’s hidden is what I like. Another person took to Twitter and said: “Love, Love, Love It!”

Another tweet: “I drive past this frequently in southern Wisconsin!” It makes me smile! Another person wrote “LOL Love This!”

Billboard critics

One person criticized the billboard by writing, “These people could use that 10,000 to aid the homeless or hungry children.” Another added, “It amazes my how much people will spend on such …..” This billboard has been visible along I-75 South for at least four years. What amount of money did they spend to try and ‘trigger’ Dems? (sic)”


Last year, similar billboards appeared.

Donald Trump mocked the anti-Biden billboard in 2020.

According to The Daily Mail, in November 2020, during the election, a truck hauled a large Trump loser’ sign onto an interstate.

Reports claim that the White House saw signs outside mocking Trump around the same time.

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