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EDP445: What’s the matter? Recently, he was caught on camera with underage girls. You can find more details about the incident here. He is an avid fan of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles. He was accused of trying to talk inappropriately with minor girls.

Deyione uploaded videos that included rants and vlogs as well as cooking, reviews, gaming, and other topics. His channels were EDP445 2.0 (his deleted backup), EDPGAMING1(his gaming channel) and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 (“his cooking channel”). As indicated by SomeOrdinaryGamers, he also started reuploading videos to a hidden backup channel. [2]

His rant videos gained him popularity in the sports world, but his popularity has increased to several online communities with his video “EAGLES TAKE MCCOY!” WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” going viral. His older videos, now deleted, were a hit and became a viral sensation.


Deyione was charged with paedophilia and underage sex. 2020 July. In April 2021, Deyione was caught trying to meet minors after sending sexual messages through a decoy. Deyione made all of his videos private on April 24, 2021 and YouTube removed them three days later.

Who is EDP445 and what are their responsibilities?


YouTube Fandom reports that was conceived December 15, 1990. The media portal claims that he is best known for his rant videos but also does vlogs and cooking videos, reviews, as well as gaming.

What happened to EDP445

According to Press Reality, was allegedly caught on camera trying to meet a minor girl. According to reports, he was arrested and charged by Predator Poachers, child protection activists.

The media portal also learned that Predator Poachers men pretend to be underage girls online. According to reports, they then have an inappropriate conversation and meet up with men. EDP445 was also caught on camera.


EDP445 claims

According to reports, reached a place to meet with a 14-year-old girl. According to reports, EDP445 had spoken to the girl and then decided to meet up with her. According to reports, EDP445 was caught talking to the girl and then decided to meet up with her. The whole thing was streamed live. Netizens have been accusing EDP445 for having inappropriate conversations and teasing underage girls for over a year.

The YouTuber responded by uploading a video saying that he was trolling these accounts because he believed he was talking with troll accounts. CrunchyNar, a Reddit user, stated that EDP445 never apologised for his actions and for sending underage girls messages. The user claims that the YouTuber began slut-shaming a girl who “exposed” him. Reddit user suggested that EDP445 also makes videos, in which he sluts women and rants about them.

EDP445 net worth reports that has a net worth of $ 2 Million. When converted into INR, this amounts to more than Rs 18 crore

Disclaimer: Information sourced from various websites. Republicworld cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures.



Deyione started his channel June 13, 2010 and uploaded his first video that day. It featured Deyione performing a freestyle rapper. At the time, he was only 19 years old. He uploaded no Eagles-related videos until November 16, the same year. Redskins fuckin killed by the Eagles He has made videos about the Philadelphia Eagles since then.

The series Don’t You Hate That Shit was also hosted by Deyione. In 2012, a spin-off channel, CHAOTICKITCHEN445, debuted. This channel was all about cooking. In 2013, another spin-off channel was created, EDPGAMING1. In 2017, a backup channel, tastethis2inchd*ck445 Julio, was created.

Denied Gold Play Buttons

Deyione’s YouTube channel reached 1 million subscribers on February 12, 2020. Deyione released a video thanking subscribers for reaching this milestone. Deyione, however, released a video entitled “No YouTube Gold Plaque/Play Button” on March 5, 2020. It revealed that YouTube had denied him a Gold Play Button and that his channel didn’t meet their eligibility criteria.

Deyione reacted with ridicule to this decision, claiming that YouTube was “on that little bullshit” and that YouTube had denied him a Gold Play Button. He also mentioned how YouTube’s channel had no community guidelines or copyright strikes.


Deyione was able to receive two Silver Play Buttons (one for his backup channel), without any problems. YouTube’s decision received a negative response from subscribers and other members of the YouTube community. However, it was supported by fellow YouTubers like Scarce, SomeOrdinaryGamers and Eight Thoughts. Deyione’s supporters also created a petition to YouTube asking for a Gold Play Button.


Reactions and recaps of games The most common Deyione video was his one about the Philadelphia Eagles. He created previews of games and then released a reaction/recap afterward or during the game. He also made videos about the team’s offseason developments (trades and the NFL draft). These videos were also made for the San Antonio Spurs.

Review of food

Deyione has reviewed a food item or drink. Deyione went on a diet in 2016 and has not made any food reviews since then (except for one video where he makes his first protein shake).

Unboxing videos

Deyione has been making unboxing videos since the inception of the channel. These videos range from unboxing Eagles merchandise, shoes, and kitchen appliances. Many unboxing videos have featured Deyione opening packages that were sent to him by his fans since 2016.



Although the channel is still inactive since 2014 Deyione said in a Q&A video that he would soon release a new Let’s Play. He has not yet released any videos on the channel or any Let’s Plays.

Stall Seat

Edp loves wrestling so he set up a channel for his videos. This channel would feature content similar to his main channel, but it would be exclusively wrestling-related. This channel has only 1,250 subscribers, making it the least popular of Deyione’s. This channel is currently inactive and not linked to Deyione’s main channel. Deyione isn’t watching anymore wrestling, which may explain the channel’s inactivity.

In the Media

Deyione made his first appearance in media when he appeared in a video for Philadelphia City Paper. This video was about Philadelphia Eagles fans’ reactions to that year’s disappointing season.

Deyione has appeared on multiple Comedy Central shows, including Tosh.0. His 2015 video, “EAGLES TRADE MCCCOY!” was released. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He was featured in an episode of MTV’s Ridiculousness. He was also featured on ESPN’s SportsNation, Fox News and other news outlets in 2015.


Deyione started hosting a series about Tyler the Creator’s app Golf Media in 2015. It is a parody on sports news programs such as SportsCenter and random comedy skits. All content of Deyione’s Golf Media app content is lost except for one video in which he invaded the Dallas Cowboys training camps. YouTube reuploaded this video.

Deyione appeared on The Howard Stern Show in 2016. Howard Stern used Deyione’s likeness to prank-call a record shop.

Roger Stone, a conservative strategist, praised him on Parler in 2020 for his support of Donald Trump, then-United States President.

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