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Elva Joeson, a former actress and math teacher from New Jersey, is best known for her role as Emmeline Lestrange (the 1980 romantic survival drama film The Blue Lagoon). Although the film was widely criticized upon its release it still managed to gross over $58million, despite having a budget of only four and a quarter million.

The film has sparked heated debate among critics and audiences alike over the years. Brooke Shields, the film’s lead actress, rose to prominence. Elva Josephson is an American actress. She is best known for her role as Young Emmeline in The Blue Lagoon, which came out on July 5, 1980, and was a huge hit.

Elva Josephson: Early life and Biography

Elva Josephson

She  has not revealed her birthdate or whereabouts. The internet does not provide reliable information about her birthdate and birthplace. We don’t know her exact age. A website also reports that she is American-born and of Caucasian descent.

The star actress has not revealed the identities of her parents. Similar to her siblings and other family members, no information is available on the internet. The actress has kept much of her private life secret and avoided social media. As a child, she was interested in modeling and performing. Her career began as an actor when she was just 15. She is blessed with beautiful beauty and a sweet voice.


The star actress has not revealed any details about her education history. A source also indicated that she went to a local high school. She began receiving modeling offers while still in high school.

Elva Josephson: Summary

Real Name Elva Josephson
Nicknames Elva Leff
Professions Actress
Age As of 2022, 51 years old
Birthplace United States of America
Hobbies Reading
University Education-related information is lacking.
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Elva Josephson is an American actress who also goes by the name Elva Leff. She seems to have worked in American movies, TV shows, and TV miniseries. As of 2022, she is about 51 years old, but no one knows when she was born.

She was born and raised in the United States of America by her parents. In school, she was a very good student, but she wanted to be an actress more than anything else, and her parents were fine with that.

Elva Josephson: Career

Elva Josephson, an American actress and model, is a stunning example of beauty. After starring in The Blue Lagoon (1980), she gained a large fan base and celebrity following. She also appeared in the movie Author! Author! (1982). Her performance and natural beauty were admired by many viewers. Her acting talent and charisma captivated her audience. She quickly became a fan favorite due to her charming personality and charisma.


he was the lead female character in the film. She was critically acclaimed in all three films and continued to enjoy a high level of success. After only three films, however, she decided not to appear in any more films. She quit the film industry and started focusing on her private life. She abruptly quit the film industry. It is not known why. She did however achieve a new level in fame and celebrity during her short acting career.

ElvaJosephson: Net Worth

She has not revealed any new information regarding the net worth of the famous actress. We don’t have any information about her income or financial status. The net worth of the famous actress is therefore unknown.

Elva Josephson Movies

Year Title Director Role
1980 Hardhat & Legs Lee Philips Deedee Botsford
1980 The Blue Lagoon Randal Kleiser Young Emmeline
1982 A Little Sex Bruce Paltrow Sue Bradley
1982 Author! Author! Arthur Hiller Bonnie

American actress Elva Josephson is best known for her role as Young Emmeline LeStrange, a comedy-drama set in America (1980). It was directed by Randal Kleiser. She gained a lot fame for this movie in the United States. The movie was released officially on July 5, 1980. It also has an IMDB rating 5.8 out 10.

Elva Josephson TV Series

Year Title Genre Role
1984 George Washington Biography-Drama Patsy Custis
1985 CBS School Break Special Adventure-Comedy Nancy Banks

Acting career of Elva Josephson

Elva Josephson was first seen in 1980’s American TV comedy-drama Hardhat & Legs (1980), where she played Deedee botsford. In the lead roles, Sharon Gless and Kevin Dobson are also featured in this movie.


Do you want to know how she got so big in such a well-respected movie? This is a simple answer that you can easily find out by watching her movie. It will show you the dedication and acting skills she has brought to these movies and the film industry.

Elva Josephson Family

Parents Father NA
Mother: NA
Husband/Spouse NA
Siblings NA
Children NA

Elva Josephson, actress, has not yet revealed any information about her family.

Social Media

Elva has not shared any information about her family or personal life, nor does she have any Social Media accounts. She wants to be away from the media and limelight.

Interesting facts not known about Elva Josephson

American actress Elva Josephson is well-known for her brilliant acting in American films like The Blue Lagoon (1980), and Author! Author! (1982).American actress, 51, is born in 2022. She is an underrated star of Hollywood. Her debut in film in 1980, in which she starred in Hardhat and legs (1980), was directed by Lee Philips.


She has kept her private life private over the years.

Elva Josephson is worth more than 7-8 million dollars as her networth in 2022. Her main source of income is television series and movies. Her role as Young Emmeline, or kid Emmeline, in Randal Kleiser’s 1980 film The Blue Lagoon (1980) is extremely popular. Brooke Shields, an American actress, played the role of Emmeline as an adult.

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