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His Daughter Casie to Her Mother, Emma Connon Instagram


Emma Cannon Instagram: As young parents, Richard Colson Baker and Emma Cannon met as teenagers and bore their first child together.

Richard Colson Baker, a.k.a. Machine Gun, is a candy rapper. Kelly is a force to be reckoned with in the rap and hip-hop worlds, having established himself as one of the most versatile white rappers of his generation. P. Diddy Combs, one of the biggest MC superstars to emerge from the early 2000s, took notice of the 31-year-old.

MGK’s sheer musical prowess isn’t the only thing creating waves. Given all of his high-profile relationships, both speculated and verified, the young rapper’s romantic life has been a significant source of interest for tabloids for years. From Amber Rose to Halsey to now publicly dating Megan Fox, the Lace-Up rapper has been linked to a bevvy of ladies.

Who has Michine Guy and Emma Cannon, Relationship

Who has Michine Guy and Emma Cannon, Relationship

He, on the other hand, can’t manage to keep the relationships going. Machine Guy Kelly was unable to stay with his child’s mother, Emma Cannon, for whom the celebrity had nothing but praise. Ms. Cannon’s identity is unknown, but it’s apparent that she had a significant impact on Machine Gun Kelly’s life.

Michael Chaar updated this page on September 28, 2021: Casie Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter, was born in 2008, when he was only 18 years old. The rapper was dating Emma Cannon Instagram at the time, but the relationship didn’t last. Fortunately for them, MGK and Emma maintain a good relationship to this day, primarily because of their daughter, who turned 13 this summer. Emma’s personal life, on the other hand, is shrouded in secrecy. Machine Gun Kelly has given Emma a number of social media shout-outs, especially around Mother’s Day.

Kelly is now dating actress Megan Fox, who has not only met Emma but has also gone on a few outings with her, demonstrating that they are a happy family.

Casie Colson Baker, their daughter, was born

Emma Connon Instagram

Despite the fact that Machine Gun Kelly is a major rap star, the 31-year-old has remained tight-lipped about his personal life. Kelly’s parents were travelling missionaries, according to sources, and eventually divorced, sending Kelly and his father to live with his aunt for a time. Machine Gun Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon, on the other hand, is a complete mystery.

The mystery woman has been avoiding the media for years, according to both herself and MGK. Cannon is said to have no active social media profiles, making her difficult to track down for tabloids. There are a few information concerning her and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship, as well as their daughter Casie Colson Baker, that are known.

Richard Colson Baker and Emma Cannon Instagram met as teenagers and bore their first child together as young parents, according to sources. Casie Colson Baker was born on July 23, 2008, to Machine Gun Kelly and his then-girlfriend. Talk about balancing a rap career and caring for a small child.

Machine Gun Kelly is a fantastic father, it’s no secret. The 30-year-old is frequently photographed with his daughter, whether on social media or at red carpet events. Even Pete Davidson, the rapper’s bestie, praised his parenting abilities. The rapper is not only a fantastic father to his daughter Casie Colson Baker, but he’s also a fantastic boyfriend.

According to Celebrity Mirror, the Rap Devil artist dedicated a song called ‘Her Song’ to Emma Cannon in 2012. We can even hear a fragment of a woman’s voicemail in the song video, who some have assumed is Emma Cannon herself.

MGK sings on how his “dream lost him the love of his life” and how he has sought and failed to reclaim Cannon’s affections. We’re left wondering why they broke up in the first place, given the rapper’s efforts to get her back.

While most ex-lovers wish each other harm, Machine Gun Kelly and his ex-girlfriend appear to share a strong bond, especially when it comes to caring for their daughter.

The 30-year-old rapper has publicly stated that he does not think the best of his baby mama. Every year on Mother’s Day, the rapper honours Casie’s mother, according to sources. “Happy Mother’s Day to the best mother I’ve seen personally,” MGK captioned a now-deleted photo on his Instagram page in 2013.

Despite all of their “crazy circumstances,” Machine Gun Kelly and Emma Cannon Instagram clearly have a strong relationship. If given the chance, we’re confident that MGK will make amends for whatever wrongdoings he committed against his ex-girlfriend.

Gun-machine Kelly and his daughter, Casie, have a tight relationship, so it’s no surprise he’d want her to be close to his new boo, Megan Fox. The trio has been seen out and about a few occasions, demonstrating that their chemistry is one to be admired.

After performing in MGK’s music video for “Bloody Valentine” in May 2020, reports of the two dating began to circulate, but the couple didn’t announce their relationship status until July 28. They became official on Instagram two months later and have been together ever since.

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