In Pokémon Sword & Shield, Here’s How To Evolve Your Sobble

October 9, 2021
pokemon sword & Shield

Sobble, the water starter in Pokémon Sword and Shield, undergoes one of the most bizarre transformations in the game, going from a sorrowful salamander to a sardonic sharpshooter.

Pokémon Sword and Shield, like the vast majority of the series’ games, gives the player a choice of three “starters,” each with a different option for Grass, Water, and Fire.

Envolve Your Sobble in Pokemon Sword & Shield

pokemon sword & ShieldWhen the player first confronts Galar’s Champion Leon, he will present the player with this option, presenting the region’s three beginning Pokémon.

Scorbunny, a Rabbit Pokémon, represents Fire, Grookey, a Chimp Pokémon, represents Grass, and Sobble, a Water Lizard Pokémon, represents Water.

Each has its own set of qualities and weaknesses, therefore picking a starter Pokémon is frequently regarded as the game’s first and most important decision.

Sobble is a pure Water-type starter who stays that way for the rest of its evolutionary line.

It’s distinguished by its melancholy, weepy demeanour, which causes it to appear frightened and cry without prompting.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t fight back – the chameleon-like Pokémon has a strong Special Attack stat and, once it reaches its final evolution, becomes a hard hitter in the late game.

However, not all components of that procedure are obvious, so let’s go over each phase of gaining, evolving, and G-Maxing Sobble one by one.


Sobble may have a timid appearance, but the chameleon is still a good choice for the early game.

Following the early game plot and meeting Leon at the neighbouring Pokémon Lab after following Hop there, players can receive it.

After that, they must choose a water starter from the three options offered to them.

When the Sobble reaches one-third of its maximum health, it gains the ability Torrent, which boosts its Water-type attacks by 50%.

As a Mystery Gift, a Sobble with the Hidden ability of Sniper (which increases critical hit damage by 50%) can be obtained through Pokémon HOME.


At level 16, Sobble evolves into its middle form, Drizzile, with no additional prerequisites.

Players must use it in battles to get experience points by knocking out opponent combatants.

Each point brings the Water Pokémon closer to the next level, increasing its stats and allowing it to learn new moves.

When compared to Sobble’s total, evolving to Drizzile delivers a large boost to stats, with a base stat rise of nearly 25%.

It also gains access to a number of additional abilities. Drizzile’s Sucker Punch allows him to strike adversaries first and potentially make them flinch, while U-Turn is highly desired in competitive bouts for allowing a Pokémon to switch out after a hit.


At level 35, Drizzile evolves into Inteleon, its final stable evolution. The ultimate form of the Water-Type starter has a significant boost in base stats as well as several new special moves.

When it evolves, it learns Snipe Shot, a signature move available only to Inteleon.

The 80-power Water-type move not only has a high critical hit rate, but it also ignores the effects of redirection moves and abilities like Follow Me and Storm Drain.

This allows the sniper chameleon to always hit its intended target and complements its hidden ability, Sniper, which enhances critical hit damage.

Inteleon G-Max

Even if Inteleon’s most advanced form is only fleeting, it is nevertheless lethal.

G-Max Inteleon sits atop a storm cloud perch, ready to take aim and shoot with a sniper rifle composed of flowing water.

It can only be obtained through the Isle of Armor DLC, which costs roughly $30 and can be purchased separately from the main game.

After making that purchase, players can proceed to the newly released Isle of Armor to gather Max Mushrooms.

When you complete Master Mustard’s trials at the Max Dojo, he will teach you the recipe for Max Soup, which can be created with Max Mushrooms and given to Inteleon to unlock its G-Max potential.

After that, Gigantamaxing the Pokémon is as easy as hitting the appropriate button in combat, however the player must be in one of the game’s few battle arenas that enables it.

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