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Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide-: Complete Guide In 2023



Escape from Tarkov Customs map guide In Escape from Tarkov, are you trying to memorize the customs map of Tarkov? The maps in EfT might be intimidating because there is a lot of information to master in order to successfully navigate a raid.

customs map tarkov

One of the most important aspects of playing Escape From Tarkov is being familiar with the places and points of interest, including spawns, extraction, nice loot sites, and regions where attackers are likely to be.

Our Customs map explanation will help you understand one of the first maps you’ll come across in this brutally difficult first-person shooter game.


Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Guide “NOW PLAYING”

In this tactical FPS, there are few things more terrifying than the first time you spawn into a new level and try to figure out how to get out of Tarkov/Customs. When you press the O key twice, your extraction options will appear.

You’ll have a limited number of exit options, so it’s important to know where each one is so you don’t end up in one of the busiest areas of the map, near a Scav spawn, or even near the boss Reshala.

We’ve put together a helpful guide to the Customs map in Escape from Tarkov, including all extraction locations, spawns, the boss spawns, and critical spots, to assist you to avoid such catastrophes and perhaps help you improve your map knowledge.


spawns on custom maps

Understanding where the spawns on the Customs map are helps you make instant decisions, such as whether to head for adjacent PMC spawns in the hopes of getting a quick kill, rush the loot locations, or try to locate the boss quickly.

Customs to the west and Warehouses to the east divide Spawns into two sides. Your extraction points, which are always on the opposite side of the map from your spawn, are defined by your spawn. As a result, when you advance across the battlefield, you will be moving parallel to those that spawned on your side and directed towards those on the opposite, making it difficult to dodge firefights.

spawns of West Customs

These places can be found all around the enormous red customs warehouse that serves as the title of the map, from the west wall past the storage facility up to the railway by the river. Be prepared to battle as soon as you land because each raid uses eight spawns and it’s highly likely that four groups will all start in the warehouse.


spawns for East Customs

The spawn spots on the east side of the map are arranged in a horseshoe pattern that wraps around the northern hills and descends into the abandoned petrol station. These spawns are close to three of the four potential boss spawns and provide you a strong chance to gain a head start on him, but the other players can reach you very quickly due to the nearby wooded hills.

points for extracting customs maps

  • Crossroads
  • Vehicle Park
  • ZB 1011
  • Dorms vs. Ex
  • smuggler’s vessel
  • Roadblock RUAF
  • ZB 1012

Ultimate petrol station

The ability to escape occasionally may only require you to learn one or two extracts, but your chances of success increase the more options you have. A crucial skill is an ability to quickly switch extracts and alter a plan. On the Customs map, only three extracts—one on the east side and two on the west—are permanently accessible. Always double-tap the O key to make sure you’re going in the appropriate direction because these will only be accessible depending on where you spawn.


Extraction of the Crossroads on Customs

Crossroads is a PMC extract in the northwest of the map that is constantly open. You are surrounded by lengthy highways with decent visibility and a cut-through that leads into storage, with a few vehicles to offer you shelter. If you’re extracting from this area, be sure to find a secure hiding place and maintain your vigilance until you leave.

Extraction of the Caravan Park on Customs

Just below the storage facilities in the east is where you’ll find the Caravan Park extract on the south wall. The location you’re seeking is a wooded area sandwiched between a roadblock and a few worker cottages. Although it can only be accessed from the road in front of you and is simple to handle, you’ll need to use the trees as cover as you extract.

Extraction of ZB-1011 by Customs

Only if you spawn on the east side of the map will you be able to access the third extract, which is in the southeast corner. It’s a bunker, and the door is blocked with a rebar gate. Beware of possible campers hiding around the corner when you open it because you must descend some stairs to reach the escape spot.


V-ex extraction from dorms on Customs

It’s a good idea to keep 7,000 rubles in your gamma if you’re going to loot dorms since money can help you make a quick getaway. There is an outer wall with an SUV parked in a gate on the dorms’ north side. You can remove up to four persons if you pay the driver. Note that each participant must pay the entire amount.

It takes a minute for it to deactivate, so be ready to take shelter while you wait. Once it has been utilized, it is removed from the map and is no longer available for usage.

Removal of Smuggler’s Boat by Customs

A campfire is lit on a rock at the river’s northernmost point. If the fire is lighted, you are good to settle down by the water’s edge and acquire an extract that will allow you to avoid some risky terrain.


Roadblock removal by RUAF for Customs

Along the road, there is a Russian roadblock at the river’s southernmost point. You can use this position to extract if the gate’s searchlight is on. Be mindful of the expansive sightlines down the road and across the river.

Extraction of ZB-1012 by Customs

A second bunker may be found on the southeast side of the map, hidden behind a warehouse and some vegetation. Similar to the RUAF roadblock, this one has a searchlight that is only functional when it is turned on.

excavation of an old petrol station on customs

A bridge with some abandoned train cars is located to the south of the warehouse area. You will arrive at a lonely petrol station if you pass below or over. You must enter the structure and down some steps in the back to reach your evac location. Green flares will indicate that the extract is available. The Scavs that spawn here should be avoided. You’ll have to fight your way out of Old Gas Station if another PMC team follows you in because it is likewise a dead end.


Customs robberies

Customs’ hidden stashes; map version 4 (final).
by u/m1ksuFI in EscapefromTarkov

While there are a few tiny areas of loot dispersed over the map, you should go to the dorms to get some big-ticket stuff. There are numerous weapon boxes where you can locate attachments and guns in the two buildings in the north of the area. You can frequently kill Scavs in and around the structures for some gear and goods.

There’s a room inside the three-story building that’s locked with a designated key. Gaining entrance to this room can lead to the discovery of a number of extraordinarily valuable things, including the M416 assault rifle and a weapons case valued at more than a million roubles. Be prepared for heavy fire as other players will probably be vying for this treasure.


If you’re looking for a map of the Customs stash locations, m1ksu, and Marvelin created an outstanding map, which we’ve embedded above, on Reddit.

Reshala, the head of customs

Reshala is the name of the boss scat at Customs, and he can be located in either the dorms or the brand-new petrol station. From these places, he occasionally wanders to the military checkpoint or the hilltop radio tower. Four guards will follow and watch over him.

Try to use range and explosives to your advantage against these difficult opponents. You should also have quick options to break the line of sight and heal. Read up on our Escape from Tarkov ammo guide to understand the best rounds for punching through high-level armor because Reshala and his minions both have more health than typical AI and frequently wear decent armor. There will be some quality tools, armor, and other goodies if you loot them all.



Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs: A Step-by-Step Guide



Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs: Although the dwarves in Dwarf Fortress are able to drink alcohol without having access to cups, it is not recommended. In fact, the lack of drinking utensils can make dwarves sad, which may have serious consequences down the road. Fortunately, making mugs in Dwarf Fortress is not extremely challenging, and this article is here to assist gamers through the procedure.

It should be noted that in Dwarf Fortress, cups, goblets, and mugs all have the same use. The only distinctions are the materials they are made of and the workshops where they are made. Fans of colony sim video games should merely focus on the vessel-type that they are able to construct. Detailed specifics on this may be found in what follows.

Dwarf Fortress: Making Cups

Dwarf Fortress How to make mugs

The most common drinking vessels to build are rock mugs and wooden cups because these materials are so easy to get. Fans should simply click on the workshop, choose “add new task,” and then click on “rock” or “wood” to open the corresponding menu where the vessels are displayed. Both of these things are made in a Craftdwarf’s Workshop. In Dwarf Fortress, players who have designated a manager can also use the work order menu to create a new work order and look for either “rock mug” or “wooden cup.”


The method is more difficult than what has just been detailed, but Dwarf Fortress players can also make metal or glass goblets for their dwarves. You will need a Furnace to make charcoal, a Smelter to process metal ores into bars, and a Metalsmith’s Forge to forge those bars into the drinking vessels needed for metal goblets. Players must gather sand for glass goblets using the Glass Furnace, then use that workshop and fuel to convert the sand into the cups.

Whatever drinking utensils a player develops, they must remember to include them in their Dwarf Fortress taverns when they are complete. Place a coffer inside the tavern to accomplish this; the dwarves will instantly fill it with cups. Notably, by entering the zone menu, selecting the tavern zone, clicking the icon with the magnifying glass that appears beneath the name of the tavern, and then clicking “+” or “-” next to Goblets, players can change the amount of goblets that are kept in a tavern’s chest (Desired).

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CGO Patch Notes: 6.06 Upgrade Basically Kills Gekko’s Wingman



While the Valorant patch notes for this round are quite brief, the most significant adjustment is to the FPS game’s new mascot, Wingman, the charming slime bird that has been wreaking havoc since Gekko’s introduction.

While there aren’t many changes in patch 6.06, the two main ones affect Wingman, Gekko’s spike-planting friend, and little brother Mosh.

To be more in line with Breach’s famed Aftershock and the robotic initiator KAY/O, Mosh’s damage to objects has been reduced from 2.5 to 1.


csgo patch notes

Sadly, the wingman will now perish if he is the last survivor on the team. Even though he’s disabling the spike I just worked so hard to bring onto the site, I can’t help but feel awful for him, even though it spares you the guilt of shooting the tiny guy. Also, which is a huge plus, he won’t be able to concuss players who are outside of his range.

CGO Patch Notes for the mighty patch 6.06

The complete Valorant patch notes for the 6.06 release are provided below courtesy of Riot Games.


Agent Development


Mohs Pit (C)

  • Reduced object damage by 2.5 times > 1 time

Wingman (Q)

  • Now, if a wingman is the last one alive, he will always perish.

Map revisions


The destructible door between A Link and A Main has had its destruction visual effects updated to make it more transparent as it crumbles.

Playthrough Systems

  • the option to conceal Agent outlines and fresnels was added (the colour outline on Agents)
  • Activate Settings >> General >> “Hide Outlines and Fresnel” is a toggleable option under “Other.”

Fixing bugs


Intangible players can no longer be knocked out by a wingman.


  • an issue that prevented you from sending a whisper that began with a Circumflex Accent has been fixed. You can now use the letter “w” to whisper charming emoticon faces to one another.
  • an issue that caused ping icons to appear even when a user was muted has been fixed. Ping icons will now be correctly muted when someone is muted.
  • Resolved an issue where your Agent’s blindness would hide the voice chat user interface. Even when your Agent cannot see, you can now.
  • Resolved a situation where the party invite would expire but the join party button would remain active.
  • Resolved a situation where the amount of persons a buddy is in a party with would not display correctly when you searched your friend list.

Resolved an issue where the Agent carousel would occasionally scroll when the social panel was scrolled.

The friend list was hidden due to a fault when auto-reject friend requests were turned on.

Even while none of these adjustments will significantly alter the Valorant tier list, it’s still wise to load up one of the top Valorant crosshairs to guard against the effects of even the smallest adjustments on your gameplay.

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Dwarf Fortress Language: The Lyrics Of The Soundtrack Are Dwarvish And Slap



According to the game’s designers, Tarn Adams’ initial soundtrack consisted only of him “noodling around on the guitar.” Everyone who has played the Dwarven city builder will immediately recognize the song, but the Steam edition will also have a magnificent soundtrack that Kitfox Games and the Adams brothers have premiered in a new video.

Simon Swerwer, who has been creating Dwarf Fortress music for more than ten years, and Omar “Dabu” Dabbous, whose work has appeared in independent games including Boyfriend Dungeon, GNOG, and Winding Worlds, composed and recorded the new Dwarf Fortress Language. Swerwer also contributed to the SoundSense tool in Dwarf Fortress’s first iteration.

The announcement is available here:

As the brothers explain, several of the songs have Dwarvish-language lyrics. They are all appropriately eerie and old sounding, making them ideal for a game about building a civilization and exploring ever-deeper reaches of the ground.


Listen to “Food and Industry” in the video above. It’s an actual banger.

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