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Estado de la Nación: “la reforma migratoria debe ser una..”( Lasted Updated)


Estado de la Nación: The United States Of America, Washington, D.C. President Joe Biden addressed the nation this evening in his first State of the Nation address, citing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, high inflation, and price inflation that affects most Americans.

Biden asked Congress on Tuesday to pass a migration reform that includes a path to citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants who live in the country.

During his speech on the State of the union, Biden claimed to have persuaded many countries in the center and south of the continent to “accept more refugees while maintaining secure borders.”

Estado de la Nación | Ucrania Invasio

Estado de la Nacion

El mandatario announced on Tuesday his decision to close the United States’ airspace to Russian airlines, similar to what the European Union (EU) and Canada have done.

“This evening, I announce that we will unite with our allies and close the American airspace to all Russian flights, to isolate Russia further,” Biden said, drawing applause from the audience during his first speech on the State of the union before the two chambers of the EEUU Congress.

El Presidente stated that his country will prosecute crimes committed by Russian oligarchs and that the Department of Justice is forming a task force to do so.

“We’re uniting with our European allies to find and decommission your yates, your lux apartments, and your private planes,” Biden said, addressing the Russian oligarchies in his first speech on the State of the union before the two chambers of the EU Congress.

El presidente accusado el presidente ruso, Vladmir Putin, de querer derribar “los cimientos del globe libre” con la invasion de Ukraine, pero reiterando que “la libertad vencerá sempre over la tirana.”

Despite their defeat in OTAN-affiliated countries, Biden said this week that his country’s forces are not seeking to confront Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

“Our forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but rather to defend our NATO allies if Putin decides to advance to the east,” Biden said.


Biden promised an inflation-fighting strategy based on “reducing costs, not subsidies.” In his first State of the Union address, Biden stated that price stability is his “priority,” His strategy will address not only high inflation but also public debt.

The president of the United States defended “capitalism” on Tuesday but warned that “competition without competition is exploitation” and leads to price increases, as he criticized the growing concentration of power among large corporations.

“I’m a businessman. However, capitalism without competition is not capitalism. It’s exploitation, and the prices are skyrocketing “, Biden remarked.

The president of the United States stated on Tuesday that the country will experience “an infrastructure decade.”

Biden referred to the 1.2 billion dollar infrastructure plan approved in November and stated that it would reshape the country and place it on the path of the “economic competition” of the twenty-first century, specifically with China.

“I told Xi Jinping that it’s never a good idea to bet against the American people,” the senator said, referring to his Chinese counterpart.

According to him, this plan will result in the creation of millions of jobs in the United States and the modernization of highways, airports, ports, and canals.

“We will not be capable of competing for the jobs of the twenty-first century if we do not address this,” he said, adding that his country used to have the best infrastructure in the world.

He mentioned semiconductor investments and their bets on new technologies like electric vehicles to help the EEUU get a foothold in the future economy.

The Coronavirus Pandemi

On Tuesday, the president stated that the country is moving forward “in a secure manner” toward a certain level of normalcy in the pandemic.

“We’ve reached a new milestone in the fight against COVID-19, with serious cases on the decline at a level not seen since July,” Biden said.

Gracias a los progresos que el pas ha hecho durante el ltimo ao, Biden afirmó que el COVID-19 no más controla las vidas de los estadounidenses.

“It’s my understanding that some people are talking about living with COVID-19. This evening, I declare that we will never accept living with COVID-19; instead, we will continue to fight the virus, as we have with other diseases “, apuntó,

In this regard, he went on to say that if the virus mutates and spreads, the government will remain attentive, and he announced several “common-sense measures” to keep moving forward.

Vaccination and COVID-19 treatments and tests to diagnose the disease are examples of these measures.

Biden announced a program called “Test to Treat” that allows people to test for the virus in pharmacies and, if positive, receive antiviral pills at no cost.

Furthermore, he stated that if new vaccines against the COV ID-19 are required, his government will “deploy” them in ten days rather than months or years.

“I can’t guarantee there won’t be a new variety -added-but I can assure them that we’ll do everything we can within our power to be ready if it’s needed.”

Biden believes that schools should be open on his way back to normalcy because “the children must attend school.”

New COVID-19 cases have been piling up in the United States since mid-January, after suffering a reversal due to the ómicron variation.

According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the country registered more than 897,000 new cases on January 13th, compared to 91,972 on February 28th.

In order to reduce the number of infections, certain states have imposed restrictions, such as prohibiting the use of the mascarilla in closed public spaces. Even during Biden’s speech on Tuesday, the use of the mascarilla was an option in the Capitol, unlike the previous year.

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