Et Telecom- About Et Telecom & Content Philosophy

June 25, 2021

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Et Telecom- About Et Telecom & Content Philosophy

About Et Telecom is a telecom intelligence media vertical that achieves something to deliver news, information, data, tools, and services to professionals in the telecom industry to help them make intelligent decisions about telecom.

We go all-out to cover whatever matters in the telecom sector in India – collecting news, opinions, and analysis on new launches, FDI, research, technological innovations, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and other business developments. 

These are related to carriers, device makers, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders.’s Content Philosophy:

1. Wide Coverage– Licensed/Curated/Original content so that one does not miss anything important in the telecom sector.

2. Industry Participation– To get more industry-generated insights played back to the industry

3. Original Analysis and Reporting backed by data. has aims to redefine a new generation of data and information-heavy media industry. We would build a host of meta-services on top of data and existing services. We would serve it in a personalized mode– online, dashboard, apps, feeds, and more. Data is the backbone of our media strategy; simultaneously, media would serve as an insight layer on top of data. sends out a mobile-friendly newsletter to its subscribers– updating them with the sector-wide decisive happenings in the industry every morning.

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