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Fahmarr Mcelrathbey is a American Footballer, Find Out Where He Is Today



Fahmarr Mcelrathbey: The Disney film ‘Safety’ was inspired by American footballer Ray Ray McElrathbey. Continue reading to learn more about Fahmarr McElbrathbey’s current location.

On December 11, 2020, Disney Plus launched a new film titled Safety. Ray McElrathbey, a football player who overcame great family adversity to join the Clemson Tigers, is the subject of the biographical sports drama film.

The film is directed by Reginald Hudlin and produced by Mark Ciardi, with Nick Santora writing the screenplay. Actor Jay Reeves play Ray Ray McElrathbey in the film. “Where is Fahmarr McElrathbey now?” read on to discover out.


What happened to Fahmarr McElrathbey?

Fahmarr Mcelrathbey

Ray McElrathbey’s brother is Fahmarr McElrathbey. The plot of the film Safety is based on genuine events. Ray McElrathbey, the real Ray McElrathbey, said in an interview with ESPN that when he was in college in 2006, he took care of his 11-year-old brother Fahmarr McElrathbey, also known as ‘Fay.’ Today is Fay’s 25th birthday.

As their mother battled drug addiction and their father suffered with gambling, Ray McElrathbey was forced to step in as a parent for his younger brother. The authorities decided to place 11-year-old Fay in foster care due to the bad conditions in his home.

Ray didn’t want his younger brother to be placed in the same foster care system that he had to go through as a child. Ray formally adopted his younger brother Fay when he was only 19 years old. According to the ESPN article, Ray drove Fahmarr from Atlanta to Clemson University in South Carolina.

After that, he awoke Fahmarr every morning and sent him to middle school before proceeding to his classes and football practise. He’d come home every evening with food for Fahmarr that he’d stolen out of the cafeteria. This was until Larry Williams, an university journalist, published their storey.


ESPN picked up the storey, and it was quickly spread across the country. The brothers were soon invited to appear on every major television show in the country, from Today to Oprah.

Clemson compliance officers began pushing for a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) waiver so that the institution could assist Ray in caring for his 11-year-old sibling.

Today is Fahmarr McElrathbey’s birthday.

Thankfully, even though it took a lot of effort, the NCAA did the right thing. Fahmarr quickly established himself as a fixture at Clemson’s football facility.

The coaches’ spouses would arrange for a carpool to pick him up from school and transport him to practise each day. He completed his coursework in the cinema rooms and practised every day.


Ray eventually graduated with honours and went on to play football at Howard University and Mars Hill College while working on his masters degrees. Fahmarr was just behind him.

Ray, 34, and Fahmarr, 35, currently administer the Ray Safety Net Foundation with the aid of their mother Tonya. Tonya hasn’t used drugs in a long time.

The Ray Net Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to assisting families that are at risk of being separated due to substance abuse. Ray lives in Atlanta, South Carolina, and Los Angeles with his two children.

He’s worked as a personal trainer and even a bodyguard for celebrities in Hollywood. Fahmarr McElrathbey, on the other hand, spends his time composing and producing music when he is not working for the Ray Foundation.


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