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July 14, 2022
Felix Mallard

Felix Mallard, Australian actor you’ve come to the right spot. Below are the information that you must be aware of about this amazing actor.

We’ll discuss his height, age, as well as his the current relationship.

We’ll also tell you about his television and film roles he’s been a part of. Keep reading to find out more about this multi-faceted and accomplished actor! Before we start it is important to look at his life story.

Felix Mallard Biography

Felix Mallard

Felix Mallard (born 20 April 1998) is an Australian actor, musician, and model. His career began in 2014, playing Ben Kirk in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours.

Mallard moved to the United States in 2018 and starred in the American comedy series Happy Together as Cooper, until its cancellation in 2019.

He plays Lucas Caravaggio in the Netflix series Locke & Key, Aiden in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Marcus Baker in Ginny & Georgia.

At the tender age of 10 years old, Felix started fencing in Melbourne. He was a state- and national level, securing two bronze medals at the year 2012 Victorian National Championships.

Apart from being an actor, Mallard also enjoys playing guitar, the piano and drums. Additionally, he is a member in a punk rock group known as Enemies Alike.

The group performs shows all over Melbourne and he has been a participant in their Battle of the Band competitions. Despite his age He is not engaged and would rather keep his private life secret.

In the years prior to making an acting debut Felix Mallard worked as models with Vivien Models, Australia and Echo Lake Entertainment.

He also worked as an ambassador for a dental firm. His net worth was $400000 in the year 2018. He has been working on his professional acting for four seasons and is set to debut with All the Bright Places (2019) alongside Lily Van Der Meer.

Felix Height

Height 5.10 Feet
Weight 65 Kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Color Fair
Tattoo Yes

Height and weight are not publicized. But, he is well-known for his fame. His bio and wiki contain information on his family as well as his career.

A.K. Australian actor, who is from Australia, has been a gifted model, musician as well as actor. He was famous through his appearances on television shows like Neighbours as well as a huge following through social networks. There are more than 75k users on Instagram. Mallard is also a guitar player and has an Instagram page. He has a large following and has collaborated with many famous brands. However his Instagram page is yet to be authenticated.

Felix Wife

Felix Mallard’s marital status is unmarried. There is no insight into any kind of relationship related to him.

At present, Felix has no confirmed girlfriend or his boyfriend. He hasn’t been with or had any relationships with other women however, speculations regarding his sexual preferences are unsubstantiated.

Whatever the his sexual preference, Felix is married to his long-time companion. Felix is an athletic man who follows an extremely strict diet.

He tries to avoid eating meat, and is a yoga instructor to aid in his mental well-being. The relationship he has with his wife isn’t unexpected since she’s so engaged in the arts and in his work.

He has also been a part of numerous short films and TV shows. His career spans many categories which is quite impressive. If you’re interested in knowing whom Felix Mallard married, here’s an overview of his life.

Felix Movies & TV Shows

Felix Mallard is an Australian actor as well as a musician and model. He was a star in the Australian soap show Neighbours. He relocated into America in the year 2018.

United States in 2018 and appeared on the comedy series Happy Together. In the role, he was referred to as Cooper. But, his acting career has only started.

Go through his entire filmography to see a sample the work he’s done. Here are a few of his most famous films:

Felix Mallard is a talented actor who was born in Melbourne. Before he began acting as a performer, he was a member of an punk group called Enemies Alike and played the guitar.

The part was so important to him that he took classes in American Sign Language. The show was produced in Toronto and was seen by 52 million viewers in its first month.

The popularity of the show has helped Mallard’s Instagram profile grow from ninety thousand followers to 3 million users. Felix Mallard is signed to Vivien Models, and is also a musician in the punk rock group Enemies Alike.

Felix Net Worth

As actor Felix Mallard has a net worth of approximately $100,000. He earns his money from many sources, such as acting as well as brand endorsements and sponsorships.

His net worth is believed to rise in the coming years. Below are some fascinating information about this renowned actor.

Find out more about his bio and wiki. Also, you can discover more about his family and professional life. Felix Mallard net worth is extremely high, and will continue to grow as he continues to be seen on the screen and in Magazines’ pages.

Born on the 20th of April, 1997, Felix Mallard is a multi-talented actor. Mallard is the son Dave Mallard and Jane Mallard, and he has a sister called Tiana.

Mallard was an avid athlete and started playing in the State level as well as at the national level. He was awarded two bronze medals at the Victorian National Championships.

Following his time on the soap-opera “Neighbours” and “Neighbours,” he made the decision to pursue a career in acting . He received numerous opportunities to be cast in movies.

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