What Was Fernando Campana Death Cause? Popular Brazilian Designer Dies At 61

November 28, 2022
fernando campana death cause

Fernando Campana Death Cause: Recent news is that Fernando Campana, a Brazilian architect and designer, has died. On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, he took his final breath.

The sudden death of Brother Humberto Campana has shaken the foundations. Since the announcement of his death was made public on the internet, tributes have been pouring in.

People are searching for the cause of death, not only to pay Fernando deepest condolences but also to find out his true identity.

Let’s find out what happened to Fernando and how he died. The article below contains all details. To get all new updates follow Centralfallout.com

What Was Fernando Campana Death Cause?
fernando campana death cause

Estudio Campana posted a statement on Instagram. They announced the sad news by writing that they are sorry to announce the passing of Fernando Campana today, November 16th, in Sao Paulo.

They added that they are grateful for everyone’s support and asked them to respect the privacy of the family at this time. Within a short time, the post was flooded with condolence messages and tributary posts.

Many of his loved ones and fans took to social media to mourn his passing. His cause of death is still unknown. Their unique furniture designs have received worldwide praise since 1984 when the Campana brothers founded their studio.

The brothers will have worked together for 40 years in studio activities, 40 years in artistic expression and 40 years unrestricted research. This collaboration is narrated with great freedom in different fields.

Who Was Fernando Campana?

Fernando and Humberto Campana established themselves in Vila Anglo-Brasileira’s So Paulo neighborhood. They produce recognizable goods using natural and recycled “ingredients”.

This captures the strange and fascinating convergence of cultures in Brazil. Although they have been working together in architecture, collage, sculpture and other creative fields for over thirty years, the Campana Brothers are still at work.

Some of their most well-known furniture designs include the Pirarucu stool in 2015, the crocheted Vermelha chair in 1993, and the Cangaco sofa in 2015.

They have also collaborated with famous worldwide brands on a bigger scale. Their most recent collaboration was during Milan Design Week 2022.

Their work has also been recognized by numerous exhibitions such as “Campanas Wood”, (2014) at Bildmuseet, in Sweden, and “35 Revolutions,” (2020 at MAM Rio), among many others.

Tribute To Fernando Campana

Fernando Campana will always be remembered for his creativity, and the idea of creating an eco-friendly product. Fernando Campana will be missed by all his family and friends.

His family and friends will always miss him. Our team salutes Fernando Campana’s and Humberto Campana’s idea for opening a studio to sell eco-friendly products.

Fernando Campana, his brother Humberto Campana, celebrated 39 years since the opening of their studio in 2023. The next year, Fernando Campana’s brother Humberto Campana will have celebrated 40 years since the opening of their studio.

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