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Feven Kifle Giorgis – Personal Life of a Fox 5 News Anchor


The news of Feven Kifle Giorgis arrest came as a shock to many. Not only did it involve an early morning anchor at FOX 5 Las Vegas, but it also involved refusing to give a blood test. Is this the case of a person with a personal life?

Feven Kifle Giorgis: Personal life

Feven Kifle Giorgis

Feven Kifle Giorgis is one of the top TV anchors working in Las Vegas. He has been with Fox 5 for over two years and has become a popular social media personality. Besides being a good news anchor, he has also made a name for himself in the field of special event coordination.

During his career, he has been involved with non-government organizations like the Ebony Counseling Center and the American Cancer Society. One of his more noteworthy achievements was in coordinating a charity race that raised over $500,000 for cancer patients.

As for her personal life, Feven is a pretty low key person. She has two siblings and her parents are both deceased. Her personal life has not been discussed by her or her colleagues, but one would expect that her social media presence is a testament to her personality. Despite this, it seems that the only thing she is interested in is her job.

Feven Kifle Giorgis: Early morning anchor for FOX 5 Las Vegas

Feven Kiflegiorgis is the weekday morning anchor on Fox 5 Las Vegas. She grew up in California and went to California State University, Northridge for her journalism studies.

Her first job was at KTLA in Los Angeles. After that, she worked in Bakersfield, CA and Las Vegas. Now she works on FOX 5 from 4 am to 7 am every weekday.

Feven Kiflegiorgis was born in East Africa and moved to California in her teen years. Originally, she was interested in medicine. But her career in broadcasting took her to California where she honed her skills behind the camera. Later, she moved to Las Vegas, where she worked for several radio stations before becoming an anchor.

In July 2016, FOX5 added an early morning newscast to its schedule. The first few years of the show were hosted by Angelica Urquijo. Eventually, it was joined by Dave Hall. Both have won Emmy awards for their work.

Feven Kay is an anchor and reporter for FOX 5 News. She also does a live reporting segment on the station during the rest of the day.


Feven Kifle Giorgis is an early morning weekday anchor for Fox 5 Las Vegas, which is a job she took up in November 2018. She moved to Nevada from Los Angeles to take the gig.

As for her career, she started off working at KTLA in Los Angeles. After graduating from Bakersfield College, she enrolled in California State University Northridge’s journalism program. In 2013, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in journalism.

Her most recent gig has her covering the Disney concert in Las Vegas. The glitzy event will be held on May 3. Before her Vegas gig, she worked as an assignment editor at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and news desk intern at TMZ.

During her time there, she took home numerous awards including the News & Entertainment Association’s best reporter award. Despite her relatively new job, she has already built a solid social media presence with over 21K followers on her Instagram account.

Aside from her vying for the social media prize, Kiflegiorgis also has a well-rounded resume which includes stints as a freelance writer, marketing executive, and marketing specialist.

Refusal to give a blood test

Feven Kifle Giorgis, a Fox 5 news anchor, has refused to submit to a blood test after being arrested last week. A responding officer reported that she reeked of alcohol when asked to get out of her car. She is known to be a social media personality with over 21k followers on her Instagram account.

Feven Kifle Giorgis, born in Ethiopia and raised in California, graduated from Bakersfield College in 2005 and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from California State University-Northridge in 2013.

Since joining Fox 5 in November 2018, she has been the host of the Vegas morning news shift. She also enjoys traveling and attending concerts.

Feven Kiflegiorgis, also known on-air as Feven Kay, has been off the air for several weeks but will return to the Fox 5 newsroom after a short hiatus. She has spoken about the incident at the station and has apologized for her absence. The reporter has said that she was not drunk at the time of her arrest.

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