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FFXIV Tank Mount Update Version 5.3 Includes New Features



Final Fantasy XIV Tank Mount: has been updated to version 5.3, which includes a slew of new features and tweaks. Since Heavensward is available in the standard version and all free trials, many gamers will be experiencing it for the first time.

Synthetic collections are now considerably more simplified and intuitive, pleasing dedicated artisans. This will allow players of all levels to earn Gil rapidly and start creating unique products for Eorzea locals.

The Dwarven Beast Tribe quest is one of the most significant additions. This is obtained by completing the level 70 quest.


It’s Dwarfin Time from the Affable Towndwarf in Kholusia, but only after completing the Shadowbringers level 78 main tale and associated side storylines.

If they acquire dwarven fame, they will ultimately sell unique things, like the brand new Rolling Tankard mount.

Advancing Reputation In Final Fantasy XIV Tank Mount

FFXIV Tank Mount

The Rolling Tankard appears in various random daily tasks, allowing players to try it out.

The Dwarves, on the other hand, will have to work hard to allow the vehicles to be driven to other zones.


Mutt in Lakeland sells a variety of things for Hammered Frogments acquired during daily quests. Each time a player earns enough reputation and completes the corresponding rank progression task, they enlarge their inventory.

After achieving the rank of Sworn, you can purchase the Rolling Tankard Ignition Key. With the following prerequisites, each rank can be maxed out:

• A Piss in the Brewery: 510 rep, 9 quests, 3 days, quest

• I Heard You Like Tanks: 720 rep, 12 quests, 4 days, quest


• Reputation: 990 rep, 17 quests, 6 days, quest: Tanking is Difficult

• Honored: 1320 reputation, 22 quests, 8 days, Chief Concerns quest

• Sworn: 1730 rep, 29 quests, 10 days, Tanks for the Memory quest

It’s worth noting that extra reputation does not carry over to the next rank. Players must complete 60 daily tasks over 21 days to earn Sworn status.


When a new rank is earned, the player can complete three more bonus quests by 00:01 Japan time to save the day. As soon as it reaches midnight in Japan, this option will be forfeited, so keep time zone differences in mind.

The last Bloodsworn rank completes the plot while also providing additional rewards such as the Lali Hop dance emote.

Dwarves are the focus of this article.

Three weeks of questing doesn’t appear to be that difficult at first, but only if one remembers to complete their daily quests on time and avoid being distracted by other Beast Tribes or other stuff. Only 12 Beast Tribe quests from the 14 tribe possibilities can be completed each day.

In addition to the level 50 Ixali in North Shroud, the level 60 Moogles in Churning Mists, and the level 70 Namazu in Azim Steppe, Disciples of the Hand with multiple classes should consider the level 50 Ixali in North Shroud, the level 60 Moogles in Churning Mists, and the level 70 Namazu in Azim Steppe.


The Pixies of Il Meg and Qatari in Rak’tika Greatwood are two further Shadowbringers Beast Tribes that Disciples of War and Magic and Disciples of the Land will have to juggle.

Another major distraction is that additional Beast Tribes can be used to improve the Anima Lux, Heavensward’s ultimate weapon, to item level 210 and 240.

Any quests that were left unfinished the day before must be completed before new ones can be started. This can put players in a situation where they have 12 active quests spread throughout the Source and First Shard, with another 12 queued.

It’s a good idea to teleport between aetherytes swiftly and use flying mounts frequently if you want to use up all of your allowance.


The Ignition Key for the Rolling Tankard costs 18 Hammered Fragments as well. Players should keep this cost in mind while spending their currency on high-level materia and other Mizutt rewards.

Failure to follow this regiment can cause you to lose days, if not weeks, before you receive your mount.

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