Fly Tatted Autopsy – Was Bella Tatted Murderer?

January 18, 2023
Fly Tatted Autopsy

Fly Tatted Autopsy Bella Tatted’s death has been ruled a murder. Her fingerprints were found on the gun and her body was discovered. This shocking news shocked the entire world, especially as she was only at the very beginning of the film’s “shocking” section. Her girlfriends Alex and Donna were still together at this point.

Fly Tatted Autopsy: Bella Tatted’s murder was ruled a homicide

Fly Tatted Autopsy

While Bella Tatted died as a suicide at the time, Fly Tatted’s murder was not. An autopsy revealed that Fly had died from blunt force trauma to his abdomen. Rumors of murder started to circulate after it was discovered that Bella was present at the event.

Mark Jenkins, Bella’s stepfather was accused of Bella’s murder and assault. He is facing 25 years of life imprisonment. The city Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Bella’s murder was a homicide.

Bella was at her home at the time of Bella’s death. This is understandable. The fact that the victim left fingerprints on the gun suggest that he might have fired the bullets.

Fly Tatted Autopsy: Bella’s fingerprints were found on the gun

Fly Tatted, who was a Black Ink Crew Chicago cast member, died in controversy. There were many rumors that Bella Tatted was responsible for Tatted’s death after he died. Bella has since cleared the air. She claimed that Fly died while she was there. She also left fingerprints on Fly’s gun, which he used to kill him.

Initial reports stated that Fly Tatted had attempted suicide. He later died from homicide. There were many rumors about Bella being involved in Fly’s death when the media reported her presence. However, this was not true.

Bella’s essence during the shocking section

Fly Tatted Autopsy, a member of the Black Ink Crew Chicago cast, died on February 21st, 2021. Although the cause of his death remains a mystery, speculation suggests that he tried suicide.

 His attempt to suicide was documented by his fingerprints left on the gun he used. Bella is believed to have witnessed his death, leading to rumors of Bella’s murder. His funeral was held on Monday, February 22nd.

Bella was dating Fly when he passed away, and she did the ominous-mimic’s-might-be-the-moment-reported-to-have-happened-at-a-trial-scene-of-a-torture-case. She denies that she killed him.

Some media outlets took advantage of her presence to claim she was responsible for Fly’s death. This is apparently a rumor since it wasn’t investigated as a case of homicide.

Alex and Donna are still together

Several cast members spoke out in the wake of Fly Tatted’s passing. Bella Duran, the actress who played Alex was one of them. She said that she was present at Fly’s funeral and that it wasn’t suicide. This clarified rumors that Fly’s suicide was a homicide.

Fly’s sudden death had many ramifications. One of these was the confusion it caused viewers. They were not only unsure if Alex and Donna were still together but also felt a lot of sadness.

They couldn’t focus on the present and future, which caused them to lose their ability to live happy life. They had to worry about how they would survive the loss.

Chris Nunez and Ami James are still good friends

According to some reports, Chris Nunez and Ami James are still close friends after the Fly-Tatted autopsy. They opened Love Hate Tattoo Studio near Miami Ink and have continued to grow the business. They decided they didn’t want to work with Discovery ever again. After winning Miami Ink, they opened the shop.

Chris Nunez is a TV personality and was also a judge for Ink Master. He also owns a Fort Lauderdale art gallery and a handcrafted tattoo shop. Tatu Baby’s son is Deniro Roman Soto.

Chris was a big fan of Tatu Baby during his time on Ink Master. He returned to season 3 after he was eliminated. He was kicked out of the show during the second season but was then reinstated when he returned. Tatu Baby won the vote, but his fans still showed a lot support.

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