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Where Was Footloose Filmed?



Footloose (1948) Filmed: The topic of Footloose Filming Locations is a subject of great interest to those who have seen this classic feature. The movie was released in 1984 and received its official remake in 2011. As many people know, the film’s official remake was made in 2011.

Here are the most common locations where the film was shot. Find out more about the locations used to film both films. The information concerning Footloose (1984) has been sourced from an article on GlobalFilmLocations.Spiky-haired and loose-tied city boy Ren (Kevin Bacon) arrives in the tight-assed town of ‘Bomont’ and opens up a whole can of trouble with the godless concept of dancing. Rev Moore, a conflicted preacher (John Lithgow), is furious.Ariel (Lori Singer) wants to dance.

The snowcapped mountains of the Midwest reveal that the area is Utah. It’s located 12 miles south from Provo, Utah County’s seat, and lies on the shore of Lake Utah.


Payson High School is at 1050 South Main Street in Payson.

Footloose Filmed

Ren is pulled over by police for his loud music in the Payson Memorial Park’s northern side, East 200 Street South at South Main Street. Ren is pulled over by the cops for playing loud music on the north side of Payson Memorial Park, East 200 Street South at South Main Street.

Is Footloose shot in the right place?

Footloose (1984), filming locations

The 1984 film version shows that the fictional town of Bomont was essentially the same as Payson. Sequences that feature the fictional town’s educational institution, Bomont High, were actually shot at Payson High School on the city’s South Main Street. Below is a current picture of the school.

The sequence that involved Ren’s arrest was shot at Payson Memorial Park. It is actually one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. Below is a picture of the same. Ren’s house in Provo can be seen in the film. The house is located at the intersection East 100 North and North 500 East. Below is a picture of Ren’s location.


In the feature presentation, Ren, portrayed by Kevin Bacon, can be seen dancing his frustrations in what would become an important scene. This sequence was shot at Lindon’s industrial site on US Route 89. Below is a picture of the sequence.

Lehi Roller Mills is the name of the flour mill Ren has the chance to work. It is still in operation today.

Footloose (2011) Filming Locations

According to IMDb Footloose was shot entirely in Georgia, though the film was actually made in Tennesee. Like the original version, the 2011 version told the story about Ren, a young man who experiences a cultural shock when he arrives in Bomont.

The city’s officials prohibit singing and dancing within its limits. Below are the filming locations. The information regarding the same has been sourced from articles on GlobalFilmingLocations as well as on GoCovington.


Hiram, Georgia

Ren enters Bomont in one of the first scenes. He first encounters a Salon. This Salon is located at 140 Main St., Hiram, Georgia. The sequence that involves an automobile sale was also shot around the Railroad Tracks, which are part of Hiram’s geography.

Covington, Georgia

Covington is home to many of the famous sequences from the remade version. For the duration of Footloose’s filming schedule, it was the home of the crew and cast. Covington, Georgia, also known as the Hollywood in the South, has been used as a location to film many other Hollywood productions. Below is a picture of the same.

One of The Shooting Locations was Founded during WWII

Ren’s dance moves are one of Footloose’s most memorable scenes. This scene was shot in Vineyard, Utah at the Geneva Steel Mill. It was established during World War II to increase the country’s steel production. The mill was operational for 57 years until it closed in 2001.

Kevin Bacon didn’t do all his own dancing

Kevin Bacon did not do all the dancing in that warehouse scene. In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern the actor revealed that he had a dance partner, but did some of his own dancing.


Kevin stated that the film inspired him to tip wedding DJs not to play “Footloose”. Reason being? He doesn’t want people to be disappointed by his dancing abilities!

Based on Real Life, The Movie

It would seem that a film about a town where dancing is forbidden would be purely fiction. But, you would be wrong! Footloose’s story has real roots. The story is loosely inspired by Elmore City in Oklahoma. This small town had a ban on dancing for over 90 years. After a group of teenage protestors challenged the ban in 1978, it was eventually lifted.

A Pop Superstar auditioned for a lead role

Footloose was the third film Lori Singer had been in. The role of Ariel, Reverend Shaw Moore’s rebellious teenage daughter, was hers.

Brooke Shields, Jodie Foster and Michelle Pfeiffer were just a few of those who were considered.  was just beginning her career and was one the most well-known names in music at that time. Imagine how different it would have been if Ariel had been played by her!


Chris Penn Didn’t Really Know How to Dance

Footloose’s most memorable scene is the one in which Ren teaches Willard Hewitt how dance. It turns out that this scene was not originally in the script. Chris Penn (who plays Willard) couldn’t dance in real life.

They decided to include Chris’ dance lessons in the script after learning that. They taught him steps similar to those used in wrestling because he had previous wrestling experience.

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