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Gain Free Subscribers On YouTube For YouTube Video Promotion


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Reaching subscriber milestones is essential if your goal is to earn money on YouTube. For instance, in order to sign up as a YouTube Partner and begin making money from ads, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers for YouTube video promotion. And when you get subscribers, you go up the “benefit level” ladder on YouTube (think: awards, managers and production aid, starting when you hit 100,000 subscribers).

You still require customers. They increase your watch duration, play counts, and engagement, all of which are significant signals to the YouTube algorithm for YouTube video promotion. Learn how to encourage people to click the Subscribe button so you can expand your YouTube channel with free, real subscribers.

Summary of Contents

  • Reasons not to purchase YouTube subscribers
  • 15 suggestions on how to increase your YouTube subscribers for free
  • How to view your subscribers on YouTube

Reasons not to purchase YouTube subscribers 

We comprehend your want to purchase YouTube subscribers. We won’t make fun of you for it.

We must nevertheless let you know that it won’t work. The producers of the top YouTube channels in the world aren’t, in fact, investing their time or money in questionable growth strategies. They are too occupied creating fantastic videos.

Let’s first examine how “free” YouTube subscriber programmes operate. (But being mindful of the fact that nothing is truly free. If you’re not paying for the goods, you are the product, as the expression goes.)

By following the service’s instructions to subscribe to and like other channels, you can acquire “free” subscribers. Most demand that you like 20 YouTube videos and subscribe to 20 channels. Ten channels will subscribe to yours in exchange.

You are essentially employing yourself as a one-person click farm. It reminds me of when we experimented with Instagram engagement pods.

After a few days, the site hopes you’ll become tired of all the clicking and opt to buy YouTube subscribers instead. The service benefits in either case since they either obtain your time or your money. What do you get if you pay for them or receive them as part of a free programme?

  • Bot subscribers who are inactive
  • A poor impression for your genuine audience, who is likely very interested in authenticity
  • The danger of breaking YouTube’s phoney engagement rules (tl;dr: you could get banned)
  • Possibility of getting the stink eye from any companies who may someday want to work with you

In the end, it’s just not worthwhile.

Several clickbait videos on the internet promise to show you how to obtain 1,000 YouTube subscribers for nothing. or even a million! Naturally, if anything looks too good to be true, it most likely is.

Clickbait videos receive a tonne of views from viewers seeking for a simple trick to increase their subscription count. They’re merely clickbait, though. They do not exist. Use your time more wisely unless you just want to chuckle.

There isn’t a solution, that much is true. You must put in the effort. Yet, there are several straightforward, practical strategies you can employ right away to begin building a reliable YouTube audience. Let’s start now.

4 Suggestions How To Gain Subscribers

Check out our instructions for setting up a YouTube channel if you’re just getting started. Before you begin the ideas below, you should have the foundation of your channel in place.

Here are our best techniques for turning visitors into subscribers, listed from easiest to most difficult. Don’t take on all of them at once. Test trying one of these suggestions for every new video you publish, or use one or two of them each week.

1. Invite your audience to subscribe

There are few things easier than this.

Sometimes all that’s needed is to remind your viewers. Do you think asking for the subscribe seems overly pushy? If you inquire too soon or too frequently, it may be. Yet, a brief request to subscribe at the conclusion of your video will only make it simpler for viewers to follow your progress.

Don’t forget to provide evidence of your channel’s value to viewers. Make sure to only request the subscription after providing visitors with fresh and helpful information or after making them laugh.

2.To conclude your video, reveal what you’re working on next

An act of anticipation is YouTube channel subscription. If you’ve done your job well, viewers who have just seen what your brand is about are eager to want more.

The most natural method to get people to touch subscribe is to hype your upcoming video and make it apparent why they shouldn’t miss it.

Therefore, to do this you must have a firm grasp on your YouTube content schedule and be aware of what is upcoming. 

3.Double-check your Google account

All YouTube users are by default able to upload 15-minute videos. You must validate your account in order to create content that is longer than that.

This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to construct a professional channel because longer videos provide you more possibilities for the kind of content you may produce.

You can upload videos that are up to 256GB in size or 12 hours long when you validate your account.

4.Engage your audience in conversation and develop friends

They’re more likely to want to continue watching your work if you develop relationships with your ways to get views on YouTube React to remarks. Retrace their steps back.

Certainly, it’s fantastic when a well-known YouTuber leaves a comment on your video, but who knows who will be well-known in a year? Create a group of peers and support one another. (I am, after all, referring to shine theory.)

Once you’re established, your audience will also be a great source of free content ideas for your subsequent videos. You don’t have to take each one, so don’t stress.

Use Hootsuite to manage your YouTube presence. In addition to uploading and scheduling videos, you can also add comment feeds to your dashboard. By doing so, you can easily review, respond to, and/or regulate comments on all of your videos from a one location.

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