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10 Best Free Games Like Hollow Knight [2022 Game List]



Games Like Hollow Knight: DNA may be found in games like Dark Souls and Mega Man Zero, which were inspired by many gaming legends.

Hollow Knight, the indie mega-hit, takes apparent inspiration from a variety of previous games, blending these elements into a distinct and successful identity. The mood and mythology are evocative of Dark Souls, Super Metroid’s exploration (which has a new teaser), and classic action platformers like Mega Man’s battle.

10 Best Free Game Like Hollow Knight

Games Like Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight was influenced by a variety of gaming classics, and the DNA that lies at the heart of the game can be found in modern games as well. Fans of Hollow Knight can find parts of the game in a variety of genres, including platformers, RPGs, and action games, as well as indie and AAA releases.

World of Rain

Rain World is a criminally underappreciated exploration/survival game in which the player must survive violent predation while exploring a decaying megastructure in search of its mysteries. It has a punishing difficulty level and harsh surroundings, as well as open-ended exploration and a cryptic lore and objectives.

Many of those aspects should be recognisable to Hollow Knight fans, but they should be aware that Rain World is likely to be even more tough and hostile to novice players than Hollow Knight. It doesn’t have a clear goal, most adversaries may kill you in a single strike, and the constant danger of a crushing shower of rain can put a player’s progress on hold. Rain World is still one of gaming’s sought-after “underrated jewels” for those with patience and an eye for detail.

Ritual Of The Night (Bloodstained)

Koji Igarashi, who worked on several of the best-remembered Castlevania titles in the past, is responsible for a big part of the “vanilla” side of “Metroidvania” history. After leaving Konami with the Kickstarter project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, he made a victorious return to the genre.

Bloodstained intentionally borrows from the design features that made the classic Castlevania games so famous while also adding a modern twist to keep the game feeling fresh. Hollow Knight fans will undoubtedly find a lot to enjoy in this love letter to the Castlevania classics as another entry in the Metroidvania genre.


The infamous Path of Pain is Hollow Knight’s most challenging platforming challenge, and veterans of the game will tell you that it’s a fitting name. Only the strongest will survive The Path, which asks players to perform ultra-precise jumps and dashes across a ridiculous number of deadly buzz saws and bottomless death pits.

Celeste, an indie sensation, is like if the Path of Pain were turned into a full-fledged game. While hard, the end result is one of the most delightful 2D platformers in recent memory. It tests a player’s response time and reflexes, challenging them to traverse increasingly precise problems as the game progresses.

Dark Souls is a game that takes place in a

Hollow Knight’s dark tone, open-ended adventure, and enigmatic lore all appear to be influenced by From Software’s Dark Souls. Without going too deep into spoiler zone, some of Hollow Knight’s endings are similar to those in Dark Souls.

Hollow Knight’s dark tone, open-ended adventure, and enigmatic lore all appear to be influenced by From Software’s Dark Souls. Without going too deep into spoiler zone, some of Hollow Knight’s endings are similar to those in Dark Souls.

Drifter of Hyper Light

Hyper Light Drifter may not resemble Hollow Knight in appearance (it has a top-down camera perspective and a science fiction aesthetic), but it does share some of the design concepts that have made Hollow Knight so popular with fans.

The player controls a lone traveler armed with a blaster and a sword as they explore the ruins of an abandoned science fiction universe in Hyper Light Drifter. Hollow Knight’s trademark mood of exploring the ruins of a once-great empire (like City Of Tears) is present here, as is its fast-paced and demanding combat, so Hyper Light Drifter is not to be overlooked.

Shovel Knight is a character from the game Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight is an unapologetic love letter to the action-platformers of the 8 and 16-bit era, with the most obvious influences being the classic Mega Man and Castlevania games from the NES era. Shovel Knight expertly mimics the aesthetics and art style of that era’s games, and seals the deal with sufficiently exhilarating side-scrolling action and boss encounters.

Players familiar with Hollow Knight will likely feel right at home taking on Shovel Knight’s various adversaries and bosses, especially given the game’s focus on physical combat (this time with shovels instead of nails, though). Like the Knight in Hollow Knight, the Shovel Knight can even pogo on top of adversaries with his shovel!

The Legend of the Cave

Cave Story, like Hollow Knight, is an indie metroidvania focused on fast-paced fighting and fascinating exploration. Players in Cave Story must navigate a large subterranean civilization while blasting away at various adversaries and bosses. Exploration is enjoyable, obtaining a new weapon or power-up is thrilling, and the controls are slick and quick, making fighting feel appropriately intense.

The nicest part about Cave Story is that it’s still free to play from its original freeware website, even though upgraded ports are available for purchase on Steam and most modern platforms. Fans of Hollow Knight owe it to themselves to check out this game, especially since it is completely free to play.

Cells that have died

Dead Cells is an ambitious combination of metroidvania and roguelike genre components that combines the immersive exploration of the former with the compulsive replayability of the later. Hollow Knight aficionados, as well as metroidvania fans in general, will recognise the 2D combat and gated exploration, but the RPG components and roguelike twist keep the experience feeling fresh.

Dead Cells has a permadeath system, which means that if the player dies, they must return to the dungeon without their equipment or weapons. That may sound harsh, but it really adds to the game’s appeal by providing addicting replayability – a player can’t help but feel compelled to try for just one more run after losing their character.

Super Metroid is a video game developed by Nintendo.

Super Metroid is the paradigmatic classic from which all other entries in the genre draw their heritage. It is widely recognised as one of, if not the finest, metroidvania ever developed. Because of its distinctive atmosphere, intriguing power-ups, and captivating setting and exploration, it still merits its reputation as one of the greatest games ever developed, despite its age.

Many of the design principles presented in the classic Metroid games are among the many things fans need to know about the series, and Hollow Knight proudly wears those influences on its sleeve. Power-ups and a large underground landscape serve as checkpoints for growth. Fans of Hollow Knight who haven’t yet played Super Metroid owe it to themselves to do so, as it’s guaranteed to be a captivating experience.

Mega Man Zero is a video game created by Mega Man.

Hollow Knight is notable for its fast-paced, boss-heavy melee combat, in which players weave in and out of enemy attack patterns in search of an opening to strike. It’s an exciting, gruelling, and rewarding experience, as well as a triumph of 2D combat that bears a remarkable resemblance to the Mega Man Zero series, which boasts a slew of excellent games.

While the action in most Mega Man games is at least vaguely similar of Hollow Knight’s, the Zero series shows the most resemblance due to its fast speed, frequent boss battles, and emphasis on physical fighting. Zero is also known for being extremely challenging, so Hollow Knight fans should feel right at home when they switch to Mega Man.

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