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Gaming’s Most Infamous Hackers


This judgement can take place in very public places, and it can be rather amusing for those of us who are fortunate enough to witness the ember transform into a roaring flame.

This article will discuss some of the most well-known hackers and how they were caught red-handed.

Nikhil has been ‘forsaken.’ Kumawat

missqgeminiForsaken, like the most of the people on this list, rose to prominence in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This is a bit ridiculous for a number of reasons. For starters, this was not the first time the player in issue had been accused of cheating.

It also happened live over LAN at a highly regarded Indian championship.

When approached by LAN admin, he refused to allow them access to the computer and even quickly closed a suspicious application – but in the end, the in-game notification and the guilty behaviour were enough to seal his fate.


Some hackers don’t even try to hide their cheating methods. One of these players was KiDx.

First and foremost, it should be emphasised that this induvial was a top 200 Overwatch player in the Korean region.

Being in the top 200 in any Blizzard game in Korea is quite incredible.

KiDx achieved this by cheating, and he proudly broadcast footage of him crushing his opponents live on stream… Oh, and the blatant aim-botting that was going on to do this.


Return to CS:GO and type MissQGemini. Another streamer, her humorous conclusion is entirely appropriate.

It’s one thing to be found hacking, but it’s quite another to insult your fans’ intelligence.

MissQGemini made a small error when she activated her hacks live on broadcast and proceeded to CSGO wall-hack.

When she realised that her entire audience had been watching her hack for an extended period of time, she claimed that it was only an odd bug that had happened to her friends.

When that didn’t work, she blamed a (presumably innocent) friend for installing the hackers on her computer – sorry MissQ, but we all saw you load your hacking profile, and the only way out is a VAC ban.


OnlyDaxx is a mirror of MissQGemini, continuing the trend of streamers being discovered hacking online and mocking their audience’ intelligence.

He showed off an intriguing hack that displayed the position of his adversaries and their current health after alt tabbing in a game of War Z.

OnlyDaxx did not handle it well, much like the last streamer on this list, attempting to cheat his way out of the hole he had created for himself. He failed miserably.

ESP Flex is a type of ESP.

Imagine living the dream, playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (surprise, surprise, it’s back) and working your way up the ranks in the hopes of making it to the grandest stages – only to be hit with a VAC ban via Steam during a live broadcast.

The stunned shoutcasters were at a loss for words, and Flex was probably sitting with his head in his hands, anticipating the inevitable backlash.


Hackers don’t just target first-person shooter games; in this case, it’s the popular MMO Guild Wars 2.

The player known only as DarkSide would traverse the landscape, destroying all gamers in his way, in a narrative that sounds eerily similar to an old South Park episode.

A solution to the problem would be identified after thousands of reports to Arenanet.

Arenanet administrators logged into his account, deleted all of the character’s belongings, and had it fall from vast heights to its death — all while waving goodbye.


Simple is the last person on our list. This time, it’s a tale of possible redemption.

S1mple’s narrative is still unfolding, but it is now the storey of a CS:GO player who was banned and fulfilled his sentence.

Simple now competes for Navi, one of the most successful MGO’s in all of esports, and has even won trophies at Majors.

Simple may not return to his old methods, but he now serves as an example that, while hacking should never be tolerated, it should also serve as the start of a long road to redemption rather than a forgotten gamer or a joke on this list.

Hacking is not worth it for those that do it. You’ll almost certainly get detected, and the punishment is often far more severe than the benefit.

Give any of these gamers a google when you’re frustrated by a cheater spoiling your night, I guarantee it’ll cheer you up, thanks MissQGemini – my personal favourite.

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