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Gauahar Khan: And Zaid Darbar Nikaah At Mumbai



ayesha i. darbar Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar’s ‘nikaah’ at Mumbai’s ITC Maratha this afternoon (December 25) was an event to remember, according to Zaid’s father, music director Ismail Darbar, who claims it was the most beautiful wedding in family ‘khaandaan’ to yet.

I’ve lived in Mumbai for 40 years and have attended several of my family’s weddings.” I am glad and pleased not only that my son gets married today, but also that the event was designed and held in such a beautiful manner.

Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar

Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan, my daughter-in-law, deserves full credit for this. “Every single aspect of the decoration was her choice,” Ismail Darbar reveals after the nikaah in an exclusive interview with ETimes TV.

Ismail reveals that Gauahar and Zaid’s family have been staying at the same hotel for the previous three days. “Zaid came into my room last night and said you’ll be amazed when you see the wedding decorations tomorrow.”


She always asked Zaid whether he was alright with anything she was planning, and he said he had no reason to disagree.”

Gauahar chose the menu items as well. Ismail appears to have overindulged at the nikaah and will have to wait till the meal is set out at the reception before he can eat. “The mutton was excellent. The vegetarian options were equally delicious.

Gauahar questioned if I enjoyed the food after Zaid told her, “If khaana achcha nahi hota, toh mera mood kharab ho jaata hai.”

And how did the couple appear? “Just made for each other,” Pat replied. “Bahut pyare lag rahe the, Dono, Gauahar, and Zaid.”


Ismail goes on to say that his second wife Ayesha got along swimmingly with his first wife and Zaid’s mother Farzana. “Ayesha took a step forward and hugged Farzana. That was an extremely emotional experience.”

Ismail cried after hugging Zaid, which was a more emotional occasion. “I used to think it was a natak when people sobbed, but I was proven wrong today.” I’m not sure what occurred, but when I hugged my son after he was married, my feelings suddenly swelled up.”

But it was when Gauahar’s mother and Ismail met face to face that the most emotional moment occurred. Gauahar’s mother told Ismail to look after her daughter. “Meri beti ka khayyal rakhna,” she said. “Aap ki beti itni kaabil hai ki woh mere poore parivaar ka khayyal rakhegi,” I told her.

And, yes, here’s some more unique information: “There will be another reception hosted by Gauahar and Zaid tomorrow.” It will take place at The Club in Juhu.” We’ll be staying in ITC Maratha for the rest of the day.


Tomorrow at 12 p.m., we’ll check out. The second event will include many of Zaid’s friends; due to the lockdown rule, we were unable to invite too many people to today’s celebration.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for the reception later this evening. “Touch wood,” he said cheerfully, “everything has gone smoothly.”

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