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Gerard Butler: Age, Wiki, Wife, Movies & Networth



Gerard Butler is a Scottish actor and film producer who has worked in a wide variety of movies and television shows. Though he studied law at the University of Glasgow, Butler eventually turned to acting in the mid-nineties. He has since starred in several films, including Mrs. Brown, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Tale of the Mummy. Read on to learn more about the career and net worth of Gerard Butler.

Gerard Butler Wiki & Age

Gerard Butler

He was born is 13 November 1969, Age is 52 years. Gerard Butler was born in Scotland. When you think about Gerard Butler age, you may wonder if he’s still in his early 20s. In his early days, the Scottish actor was an unqualified lawyer who moved to London to pursue a career in acting. Now, at age 37, the actor is an established name in the movie industry. The following are facts about his background. At the age of 22, Gerard Butler lost his father to cancer. After that, he took a gap year and traveled around the US to work at various jobs. He also drank heavily, which led to his first acting role.

His parents were bookworms and he attended Paisley High School. He later went on to study law at the University of Glasgow. However, his parents separated when he was 18 months old. His mother took care of him, and later remarried. While in college, he was also the president of the Glasgow University Law Society. While at the university, he also studied law. He had a wide range of jobs before becoming an actor. His acting debut came in 1996 with the movie The Departed.


Gerard Butler Wife

Is Gerard Butler married? It certainly seems so, given his past relationships. Prior to becoming a married man, the actor had been linked to Romanian model Madalina Ghenea and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum Brandi Glanville. However, a 2013 interview showed Butler’s astonishment at the rumor of their relationship. Apparently, Butler forgot to mention Glanville’s name when asked about the relationship.

In addition to dating numerous high-profile women, Gerard Butler has also been romantically linked to several models and pop stars. He was once married to American actress Jennifer Aniston, but later on split from her and married a producer, Morgan Brown. The two were in an on-again, off-again relationship for a while. However, in late 2017, the two announced their breakup, and Gerard Butler is now single.

Gerard Butler’s girlfriend, Morgan Brown, is an interior designer and an estate developer. She used to be a model, but has since changed platforms to pursue a career in interior design. While the two are still dating, Gerard Butler has been linked to other stunning women in the past. The actor is known to have been married to many women, but he blames his busy schedule for the lack of a spouse.

Gerard Butler Movies

Gerard Butler has been steadily working in Hollywood for the past quarter century. He made his feature film debut in 1997 with Mrs. Brown and established himself as one of Hollywood’s most popular action heroes in the last decade. With name recognition on par with that of Liam Neeson, Denzel Washington, and Jason Statham, Butler has found himself in a unique position. It is no secret that his success in the acting world can be attributed to his natural talent for making people laugh and feel good.


Although many of his films feature Jennifer Aniston, many of his roles with her have been a disappointment. Despite this, he has starred in several successful films, including 300, which made him a global star. Since then, Butler has appeared in several more films with other talented actresses, including the acclaimed P.S. I Love You (2007) and the 2009’s Nim’s Island, which featured Hilary Swank. In 2010 he starred in Law Abiding Citizen, a thriller directed by the same director.

Gerard Butler Networth

Gerard Butler has a net worth of $40 million. He has three million followers on Instagram and makes $5 million a year. The actor is 52 years old and stands at 1.88 meters. Butler has a hefty list of accomplishments under his belt. Here is a breakdown of his net worth. His net worth has risen steadily with each role. His net worth is expected to continue rising with his upcoming projects.

In his early years, Gerard Butler studied law but was soon drawn to acting. He gained acclaim for his role as the Spartan King Leonidas in the 1997 film 300. His role as a Viking in “Olympus Has Fallen” also earned him widespread recognition. Gerard Butler also works as a voice actor and producer. His net worth is expected to grow to $40 million by 2022.

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